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The ‘trick’ to a persuasive article is easy. Solve a problem. Have one or more ways of giving the reader a solution to some problem(s) they have. And start with the headline, telling the reader how they will benefit from your answers.

The classic call is to create desire. The ‘HOW’ to do this is where ad copy writing becomes split into religious like wars. Regardless of the method, you need desire. It could be…

Something Gained, or The Fear of Losing Something.

Think of how burglar alarms are sold. They use the fear of losing something the person already has to create a desire. While this is not as common of an approach, it is often more compelling emotionally to appeal to the fear of loss than the desire of gain.

When going for the more common building a ‘desire for gain’, be specific on what the reader will be gaining. Leave no doubt in their mind. While it may seem confusing at first, sometimes loss is a gain. Consider the topic of losing weight. The loss of weight actually has several gains for the reader. Improved self-esteem, better health are examples of how a ‘loss’ is actually a gain.

Some copy writers use what is known as the ‘long form’, with the idea that more data will convert more. This is a segment of copy writing that works depending on the mood of the public. When someone ‘lands’ on a ‘page’ (be it a website or any other form of marketing) anything the person does not see immediately is called “below the fold”. Anything that is below the fold is far less likely to be received by your audience. Therefore, make sure your most pertinent and persuasive copy is “above the fold” where it can readily be seen at first glance.

Traditional copy writing advice suggests that you should create as much copy as space allows. Of course, with the Internet we don’t have the ‘space’ limitations that print media have. Just be careful it’s easy to read and not over crowded which will cause your audience to have difficulty focusing on the desired end result.

Consider your demographics. Younger people today more naturally multi-task then older folks. This means creating a persuasive piece has to be hard-hitting in capturing attention. The ‘Internet’ generation has a much shorter attention span. This means you must keep the interest, and go for a ‘call for action’ in less time than previously seen in copy writing.

No matter how you go about the task, you must write a short headline that gets immediate attention, show benefit(s), and have a call for action at the most visible point of your marketing piece.

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