Workplace Motivation Secrets

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Workplace Motivation Secrets

Workplace motivation is the key to a successful, happy, comfortable working environment. Achieving that is not as easy as it may seem. Workplace motivation is hard to achieve for many different reasons.

Some people tend to take a job that they do not particularly want, just for the money. When people do this, they can be resentful at the workplace. Another issue is that maybe the pay doesn’t seem worthy when compared to the work responsibilities.

Some people resent the management in the workplace. They feel as if the management gets paid the higher salary and does less work. Other problems that can defray workplace motivation include moods and different personalities of the staff.

So, as you can see, there are many obstacles to overcome when trying to maintain workplace motivation. But it can be done.

There are five simple tips and suggestions that can greatly increase the workplace motivation.

One tool to consider is this. There are three priorities to getting the job done.

1. Quality Job
2. Cheap
3. Quick

You need to consider what it is that you want to be your first and second priority. If you try to achieve all three of these, the results will be negative. For instance: if you want a quality job done cheap, then it won’t be quick.

If you want a quality job done quickly, then it won’t be cheap. And if you want a quick job done cheap, it will be low quality.

The job of management is to get a desired task completed through employees. So to get them to do it and do it right requires some consideration on management’s part.

1. When management tries to control employees, the end result is bad. Employees need to have some control over what they are doing.

They need to be able to think on their own and rationalize why they are doing this job a certain way. If it makes sense to them, it is easier to do it.

2. There has to be rewards for a job well done. People are motivated by words of affirmation, monetary awards such as bonuses, gifts or promotions. If these are not handed out, what is the point in doing a great job?

3. Room for error has to be accepted by management. We are only human. There will be mistakes and failures. The responsibility of management needs to be having a plan in place when something does go wrong.

Because it will go wrong! And when it does, then you go to plan B and the employees will learn from that mistake.

4. A friendly, fun environment is a must. No one wants to go to work where you are not allowed to laugh. People can socialize and work at the same time!

5. Another important issue in achieving workplace motivation is job description. Management should never be above doing the same tasks as the employee if they are needed.

It sends a bad message to the employee if you are short handed and the manager cannot, or won’t, step in and help out.

Workplace motivation can be difficult to achieve. However, it can be done if the right tools are offered, and everyone can work as a team.

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