Winning with Golf Hypnosis like the Pakistan Cricket Team

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Winning with Golf Hypnosis like the Pakistan Cricket Team

I know it’s not cricket golf to talk about golf cricket in a golf hypnosis article, even if cricket and golf hypnosis are in essence the same thing. I’m also aware that many of my readers will have no idea what cricket is all about anyway. However, this story has as much to say about sports psychology and golf hypnotism as it does about cricket. In addition, it shouldn’t be as long-winded as some cricketing stories as I’m talking about a quick form of cricket called the Twenty20 World Cup. Now when I say “quick”, I should explain that Twenty20 games take a few hours to play and that’s a lot quicker than the 5 days that constitute a Test Match such as the one starting on 8 July between England and Australia.

Back on 28 May, my friend and mentor Adam Eason wrote on his blog about how the Pakistani cricket team’s new team psychologist Maqbool “Max” Babri was hypnotising the team to win the Twenty20 World Cup. This was big news in Pakistan as cricket is their national sport and a source of great national pride. Now I’ll leave Adam’s post to explain the intricacies of Max’s approach while I focus on a key quote from Max.

“As a hypnotist I helped them let go of any negative past experiences and utterances of parents, and other powerful people which were in a negative light. Forgive others and self and not carry any burdens from the past or fears about the future. To remain in here and now play each ball, over, inning and match as if this was the only match that there is. Doing whatever can be done in here and now.”

Now those of you who follow cricket will already know that after a shaky start, Pakistan went on to win the Twenty20 World Cup and I was delighted to read a report over the weekend about former Pakistan captain Shoaib Malik attributing the team’s success to the power of hypnotism helping the players overcome their negative frame of mind and focus only on their target. He also praised Younis Khan for his skills and leadership as captain.

Looking more closely at the specific messages, I wasn’t surprised to see how closely they align with aspects of good golf psychology advice:

Confidence and Relaxation – they apply equally to all sports Letting go of the past – releasing the bad shots Playing each ball. innings and match as if it was the only one – focussing on the current shot Doing things in the now – I relate this to unconscious golf Overcoming fear – a subject I’ll be talking more about this week.

So if hypnosis is good enough for the Pakistan Cricket team, just think what you can achieve with it in your golf.

Andrew Fogg, the Golf Hypnotist, is an enthusiastic golfer, hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner. He is a practicing golf psychologist and author of a soon to be published book The Secrets of Hypnotic Golf and a series of golf hypnosis MP3 programmes.

Visit his website for information on how to get the most success, pleasure and enjoyment from the wonderful game of golf. More specifically, it is about how to improve your golf by working on the 90 percent of the game that is played in the 6 inches between your ears.

Sign up for the free Golf Hypnotist ezine at and get your free 25- minute Your Own Virtual Caddy golf hypnosis MP3 that goes with this article.

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