Why the USA will beat England in the 2010 World Cup

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Why the USA will beat England in the 2010 World Cup

When it comes to sport psychology should not be underestimated when it comes to soccer and the World Cup in particular.  The match between England and the United States is going to be this summer’s clash of the giants, whoever is the better team of the day is not what I think the game will come down to, but it will depend more psychologically on who will overcome their opponent.
On June 12 the World Cup game is taking place between the United States and England in Rustenburg, the USA are more concerned with this match then England.  For sure, England very much would like to win against the United States and will be doing all they can do to make a good impression on manager Fabio Capello and also to succeed for their country and themselves.  But there is a greater importance the game takes on for U.S. players and fans.  As if they’re playing a World Cup final is how the United States will be going into this game. That’s how important it is.  Knowing the message a win will send to the rest of the world is something U.S. soccer fans and players are very aware of.  And it would be a very good chance to do this against a country that for a long time has laughed and put down US soccer, spectators and it’s players.   This is the biggest chance in decades for U.S. players to put soccer on the map in the United States.

When it comes to pressure, England has it all on them.  Not only is the team expected to win but to win with conviction.  I find it patronizing that quite a few of the English celebrities and pundits ( for instance Noel Gallagher and Terry Venables, and there is a lot more) point out that underestimating the United States is not a good idea. But while doing this, they hit U.S soccer on the head by bringing up how fit the team is. It is comparable to saying Gallagher can’t sing but has a good voice.  Quite a few of the British only say how good the American Players fitness is not there skill. It has to be said the English are the more experienced team but it can not be questioned that the Americans are talented because they without a doubt are.

One more thing the United States men’s national team have going for them is they believe in themselves more.  England often crack under the pressure  and find it very hard to keep their composure when it is of the most importance.  When it comes to the United States they usually do exactly the opposite. The games they are not expected to triumph in, they play amazingly.  And the games they should do very well in, they fall apart. They are without a doubt the Jekyll and Hyde side. But as they go up against England as the underdogs, the team will band together and play to their utmost for their country knowing that if they succeed it will take them where they need to go.

When it comes to England, an easy group is what they feel they are in. Although many of them won’t say it publicly, a future match-up against Germany in the second round, many pundits are seeing in the cards.  Knowing how important it is for the country, the U.S. are keeping more focus on the game against England.  If the United States are beaten by England there will not be much press coverage. On the other hand if England is defeated by the U.S., it will become front page news around the world with every major newspaper on June 13.
Psychology can’t be said to be everything. The U.S. team is having a lot of problems with
injuries and has a big problem when it comes to not having a proven goalscorer at the front who repeatedly scores on a consistent basis for his country and club.  Manchester United perfected a 4-6-0 formation in seasons before, for the States this tactic may also work.

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