Why Meditation is so Important to Your Total Health

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Why Meditation is so Important to Your Total Health

The ultimate purpose for meditation is to gain an inner peace which in turn will give you peace of mind. Meditation is important to you as a woman for many reasons such as having to wear the many hats we so often have to wear. From mother, wife, friend to counselor. When we take in account external stressors we have daily it makes it that much more important to start within with meditation.

Have you ever wondered how people who seem to have it all are miserable? Well the truth is that if you do not have control over your mind all external events will determine your state of mind, whether happy or sad. By learning and training to meditate you take control of your mind regardless of external situations. What ultimately happens is you began to re-train your mind to be calm and develop mental balance.

A balance mind is a happy mind and free and clear thinking mind. You will improve your focus and your motivation will increase to new heights. Health benefits of meditation:Gain a deeper level of relaxation

Increases blood flow and decreases heart rate
Helps decrease muscle tension and pain
Decreases anxiety
Enhancement benefits of the immune system
Decreases or eliminates emotional stress
Helps increase your serotonin levels (mood and behavior)
Helps build your self-confidence

The question is WHO ARE YOU? While we are mother’s, daughter’s, lovers, and friends it is important to remember not to lose Who You Are in the process. As a woman it is very important to know and understand who you are. What makes you who you are and the essence of the beauty that makes you Who You Are! The discovery of your true self will not happen over night but it can be done. while it’s not easy self-discovery is very important to you as an individual.

Advice & Tips

When considering starting a meditation routine you must start by selecting a area or room in your home that is distraction FREE. The quieter and disruption free the environment the better. As your meditation skill level grow you will be able to block out things in any environment.

Choose a quiet distraction free environment.
Make time for meditation. Allow 5- 10 minutes twice a day once in the morning and before you rest in evening.
Keep your mind clear and free of idle mind chatter (self talk) actively engage in listening to your breathing and the meditation music or words.
Take your time learning to meditate, mastering the skills takes time. If you feel you may not be doing it right a way to test that is if you feel a sense of calmness and peace afterward that’s a good sign that you are on the right track.

It is recommended that you make time to meditate twice daily. It will take commitment and dedication to achieve serenity, peace and calmness. It will all come in time. Happy Meditating!

Marie Jordan is an experienced youth counselor and life coach, trained in the discipline of Psychology. She holds a degree in Psychology and is Director of a Non-Profit Organization that focuses on helping youth make better decisions, set goals and turn negatives into positives. Her dedication to the empowerment and encouragement of women and youth is commendable. Destine4Success –

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