Why Am I Not Motivated to Lose Weight Even Though I Face Serious Health Problems?

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Why Am I Not Motivated to Lose Weight Even Though I Face Serious Health Problems?

If your doctor said you face serious health problems if you don’t lose weight, would you find the motivation to lose? The knee-jerk reaction seems to be yes but in actual studies, the opposite has been found to be true. If you are not motivated to lose weight even when your extra weight becomes a serious health risk you are not alone and here is why.

Research into what makes people change their habits shows that fear is a poor long-term motivator. Yes initially you will feel a motivation to change and you might even change some habits temporarily but trying to change based solely on fear of a sick life ahead becomes overwhelming for most people. They literally grow weary of thinking about the negative future and go into denial returning to their old habits within weeks.

So what DOES work?

The same research showed that those who focused on the positive things that could come from losing weight and eating healthier stayed motivated.

For instance, let’s take two people who were just told they would develop diabetes within the next year if they did not lose 30 pound. Both start making better eating decision and exercising as a direct result of the diagnosis but Person A worries constantly about her health and lives in fear of developing diabetes while Person B focuses on how good she feels now that she has improved her habits and how continuing on this path will add quality years to her life.

Person A is many times more likely to quit her new healthier habits than Person B.

If you are not motivated to lose weight even though carrying the extra weight is a health risk then start to pay attention to your thoughts about your future. If you fear what the future holds you will find it very difficult to stay motivated to change but if you simply make the effort to shift your thoughts to the positive future you are building by eating healthy today your habits will stick.

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