When the Law of Attraction Becomes Childs Play

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When the Law of Attraction Becomes Childs Play

Copyright (c) 2008 Michael Messina

Do you remember the anticipation of getting something you really wanted when you were a child? That special toy you were saving up for, or promised as a Birthday or Christmas present?

Did you, even for a moment, imagine not getting it?

Probably not; In fact, you were most likely living out vivid fantasies of all the fun you were going to have playing with it or using it long before it came into your possession.

I can vividly recall even now, three such examples; my first bike, a fishing rod that came in a wooden box with all the floats, reels and tackle included and a fully working scale model of a metal steam engine. I can remember the mental pictures and the sense of excitement these treasured gifts conjured up weeks before they appeared in all their physical glory.

And sure enough, the day came when they did appear.

Compare this to the concerns you often experience around getting what you want as an adult.

Can you afford it?

Are you getting the best possible deal?

Will it go before you are able to get hold of it?

Are you being too extravagant?

Do you really need this?

The lists goes on and sometimes so far on you eventually talk yourself out of the idea, or simply put such a dampener on it, you lose interest in it, or settle for something less lavish and satisfying.

It seems that for the majority of people getting older goes hand in hand with an ever increasing number of compromises. And if you live life in a logical, reasonable way then compromise quickly becomes the norm.

But what if you choose not to be logical and reasonable?

What if you dare to dream beyond what is considered practical and possible from the perspective of where your life is at this moment?

I have on my website a section just for gifts. It’s a place for things that need to be told without being sold. Included among them is a poem called Remembrance, written by someone whose words have inspired me throughout my life. The poem is a journey back to a moment in childhood that once read I can guarantee you will never forget.

I drew this poem to the attention of my eldest son when we last met up for a drink. He’s almost thirty now and had always wondered why I’d made such a fuss about it when he was little. I suggested he read it now and hastily retreated to buy the next round as he sat glued to the page.

‘What did it bring to mind?’ I later asked him.

‘What we lose in an effort to get what we think we need.’ was his wise reply.

The secret to making the Law of attraction work for you is not only knowing what you want, but wanting it with a passion and sense of fun that makes the idea of not getting it totally ridiculous.

It is visualizing outside of the bounds of what is logical with an expectation that transcends reason.

The Law of Attraction can bring you many things. It can bring you money, houses, holidays, cars, lovers, luxury and lavish gifts a plenty. But it can also welcome back into your life something else – something that includes but goes beyond all these wonderful possessions and experiences.

It can also reawaken that forgotten sense of wonder that makes dreaming of them and later receiving them so much more fulfilling.

If you can attract that back into your life, then truly anything is possible.

Michael Messina is a writer and metaphysician, who has been writing about and researching personal metaphysics for over 30 years. Initially a student of Theosophy, his quest for inner knowledge has since taken him through elements of the Esoteric Mystery Schools and more recently into New Age Thought. He is the author of The Secret Mind Inner Guidance System. You can find out more about this at;

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