Wheatgrass Is a Nutritional Masterpiece

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Wheatgrass Is a Nutritional Masterpiece

Unless I decide to write a novel here and now, any benefits from wheat-grass that I can list in a single article is merely scratching the surface. There are so many positive health benefits from the ingestion of this substance in your juicing for health lifestyle that it could really boggle the mind. For me to say it’s nutritious is a massive understatement. To say it is helpful to cleanse and detox your body is like saying a new Ferrari is useful for driving the speed limit. If I were to tell you that it’s extremely helpful in weight control and weight loss, again, it barely illuminates the awesome benefits of this super-food. In fact, if I were to say that wheat-grass is one of the healthiest substances on earth, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration at all.

Let’s just examine some of uses for wheat-grass juice:

19 amino acids (yep, you read that right… 19!)
chlorophyll (read on to find out why chlorophyll basks in a sea of awesomeness)
minerals (over 90, in high concentrations, including the heavy hitter alkaline minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium)
vitamins (can anyone say “way to go Captain Obvious”?)
enzymes (protease, transhydrogenase, cytochrome Oxidase, lipase, e.t.c…)

If 1 ounce of this wonderful substance equals 1+ kg of green veggies, more even than a full serving of Popeye’s favorite muscle grower, then seriously, what more is there to say to convince you to run out THIS SECOND and buy a wheat-grass juicer to get your act in gear? Well before you bolt out your front door, I still have more to say… as any of my regular readers already know I am nothing if not consistently mouthy.:)

So you may be asking, what else can some lousy grass do for my health? Ha. So much more, my fair and gentle reader, so much. This super-food assists in the production of red blood cells, and those little suckers are the entire body’s oxygen delivery system, your very own molecular version of the UPS guy. So needless to say that oxygenating every organ you have will combat fatigue during exercise, as well as shore up your defenses against those pesky little environmental issues like pollution and carbon monoxide.

Also, some of you may remember high school, when you first learned about this thing called hemoglobin. If not, hemoglobin is the iron-containing oxygen-transport metalloproteins in the red blood cells of all vertebrate. (Thanks Wikipedia;)) What high school didn’t teach you, (at least not my high school) is that chlorophyll is just about identical to hemoglobin under a microscope. What this means is that our body’s engine finds it markedly easy to transform chlorophyll into hemoglobin and offer our system a serious increase in red blood cells, and as a result, oxygenation.

Is there anything not technical to be said for chlorophyll, and why it is to health as a Fender Stratocaster was to Jimmy Hendrix? Yes. Put it this way, chlorophyll normalizes blood pressure, it energizes the body via alkalizing the blood, and it is like a smart bomb attack on environmental issues such as pollution, that can make us unhealthy just from simple proximity.

Can you say “amino acids” 5 times fast?

Amino acids, to be Captain Obvious yet again, are what builds protein, which in turn helps muscle and cell growth as well as maintenance. Need I say more? Not really, but I will. Wheat-grass is a thorough and complete protein source, and this is why many athletes juice it daily.

Plainly I could go on and on, as I said, a novel would cover it’s benefits; maybe. It helps fight and cover our butts against illness, acting as our immune systems very own can of Red Bull. It detoxifies the body, cleaning out our system of free radicals, free radicals being the mortal enemy of longevity. It helps your digestive system break down and eliminate toxic waste. It clears up and elasticizes the skin. In fact, soon enough I’m gonna head into the labs and experiment on using wheat-grass to fuel rocket ships to Mars. What I’m saying is that there are such a myriad of benefits from juicing wheat-grass that to NOT be juicing it regularly is doing a great disservice to your own quest for improved health and longevity.

So where do I get wheat-grass and how do I juice it?

The questions abound at this point. Many of you might be wondering “How do I add wheat-grass to my own juicing recipes?”; “Does it grow on my front lawn?”; “How do I get that good stuff in my body most effectively?”. The short and not so brilliant answer is to grab a supplement. A few of the organic and reputable brands can be found at any quality health food outlet. Having said that, supplements are a silver medal to wheat-grass juicing Gold, second place to actually grabbing your own grass (again, from any health food store worth it’s salt) and juicing it in a juicer specifically designed for the purpose. And of course, you can grow your own wheat-grass with very little effort, in your own kitchen.

Your normal veggie and fruit juicer likely won’t juice wheat-grass effectively, for reasons I won’t get into here. Some of the best grass juicers might be available at certain appliance stores; maybe. In some parts of the universe they can be hard to find, minus a special order. The best I’ve found are available online and are extremely cost effective, in that a few months of supplements can end up costing you more than a “real deal” juicer. Also worth noting that when you’re juicing for health, opting for supplements kinda goes against the lifestyle and methodology of juicing.

My biggest concern, whether supplementing or juicing, is that you understand the vast benefits wheat-grass will offer your healthy lifestyle, and you get up off your butt and grab the tools you need for your very own daily dose of Uber-Super-food.

Learning how to juice super-foods, discovering how to affect longevity and vitality in your life is certainly not rocket science. For more info and little known health secrets head to Juicing For Health and read more nutrition and fitness advice from Phineas Clark, an author, nutrition expert, and trainer that focuses solely on the many beneficial systems for boosting overall health and life.

Learning how to juice super-foods, discovering how to affect longevity and vitality in your life is certainly not rocket science. For more info and to find out little known health secrets head to Juicing For Health and read more nutrition and fitness advice from Phineas Clark, an author, nutrition expert, and trainer that focuses solely on the many beneficial systems for boosting overall health and life.

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