What To Do If You Can’t Sleep

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What To Do If You Can’t Sleep

You come back home tired? Gulp in few chunk of junk food, and jump in bed and even though tired, you wake up at midnight and keep wondering why you are not getting the sleep? Welcome to 21st century. Nowadays there is no rest for the mind rather than the body. It’s the mind that gets exhausted much more than what body undergoes, so naturally if you find lack of sleep, it is certainly because of your tensions and worries. Do not worry anymore as we would witness that issue and discuss down here what can be done to acquire a good night sleep.

1. One of the simplest anti age technique is to count the number backwards. Begin with hundred and count until 1, and if at all you are not a mathematician, you’ll find yourself snoring by the end. If not, then start counting from 200 till 0, or do you want something complex? Then begin with AZ26, BZ25 till Z Z1 and then shift to AY26 and go on.

2. There is no thumb rule that you should sleep at a fixed time that you might have decided. It is a very good practice to go to sleep once you start feeling sleepy. Because, when the body desires for the sleep, you must give it.

3. One should take good care about eating, you should not eat two or three hours before you go to sleep. It’s a good practice to eat stomach full and a bad practice to overeat; which usually leads to indigestion and sleep deprivation.

4. It is also a good thing if you have soothing music tracks, which you can put in and play while you go asleep. Make sure the music doesn’t have any kind of lyrics, as it might distract you. Self-hypnosis tapes are also a good means of acquiring good sleep.

5. Probably one best thing to do is avoid short naps during the day time. First of all, it looks awful, and on the other hand, during the night you’ll be left in a drowsy state where you won’t even get sleep and neither are you fully awake. So, it’s good if you have one good long sleep in the night itself.

6. It is a good practice to perform breathing exercises on the bed. Start concentrating on your breaths and take in deep breaths. This will help you clear your lungs and improve blood circulation. Start loosening muscles of your body, relax them one by one beginning with the toes and ending with the head.

7. If you imbibe the habit of morning exercise or afternoon exercise, you should get a very good sleep in the night. Because the body will get tired during these exercises and will beg you for the sleep during the nights. But take care that you do not do exercise two or three hours just before the bedtime.

8. Eating healthy food for dinner is absolutely necessary, but at the same time, do avoid consumption of alcoholic drinks and smoking of cigarettes few hours before sleep. As these would surely deprive you of sleep.

9. While you are on your bed, do not watch TV or read anything. This particular suggestion is usually given by the doctors who say that if at all you are insomniac, this is not a good practice at all.

10. Drink a cup of milk after your dinner, try relaxing your body and get rid of thoughts that are irritating your mind. If there is a worry that is irritating you, convince yourself that you can’t solve it while you are sleeping, so have a REAL good night sleep.

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As a teenager, Mohammed Jawad was subject to sleep deprivation at Guantanamo Bay. Over a two-week period he was moved 112 times–every 2 hours and 55 minutes; more frequently at night. He tried to kill himself in 2003.
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