What Research Tells Us is True Lose Weight Motivation

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What Research Tells Us is True Lose Weight Motivation

If you need a little lose weight motivation then you might want to look to someone you haven’t looked to before and that is in a scientist. The problem with motivating yourself to lose weight has always been that we turn to the wrong things. Who hasn’t tried to scare themselves into changing by trying to imagine all the bad that lies ahead if they don’t change?

As it turns out fear is a poor long-term motivator because it is hard to look at for a long time and so people blank it out of their mind and return to old habits.

So what is a true lose weight motivation? Researchers who study human behavior have found that strong and long lasting motivation comes from building relationships with a mentor or others who are working with you toward your goal, relearning new behaviors such as eating slower and also, the surprising find was that people who are looking to lose weight will stay motivated better when they lose weight fast as opposed to going about it slowly.

Researchers found that those who made drastic changes in their eating and exercise habits did have to go through the expected discomforts of change but they also saw the results of their efforts very clearly. They noticed their efforts on the scale, in how much better they felt and in better lab and blood tests.

These results were then contrasted with those of people who made only moderate changes in their lifestyle and researchers found that these folks still had to go through the discomfort of change but they did not see the fruits of their labor and were much more likely to quit.

What research tells us is a true lose weight motivation is to make drastic changes in your eating and exercise and lose the weight fast. I encourage you to test this out in your own life.

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