What makes Relaxing Music?

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What makes Relaxing Music?

Music is the key to a thousand emotions. We associate music
with the places we have been, the times we have experienced and
the people in our lives. Music is all around us. There is no
denying the effectiveness of music, so why not use it to affect
our own emotions and enhance our personal environment? Relaxing
music, relaxation music, meditation music… call it what you
will. There is no question that it can help us to shape our
environment effectively and can be changed to suit or influence
our mood.

In todays society, wherever there is radio, television, cinema
or the internet, we will be exposed to music. Music is all
around us and is a commodity so important that is used by
virtually every company on the planet to sell us their products
and services. Very often we are completely oblivious to the
sounds drifting out of those in-store speakers or the impact and
drama of an action-movie soundtrack placed in a car advert.
Music is a complex language that can convey any emotion or
conjure a response from any audience. At the same time music is
simple and universally understandable.

We are used to others using music to influence our emotions and
therefore decisions. However, we rarely use music’s benefits to
help ourselves. Relaxing music or relaxation music (also
marketted as meditation music or yoga music) can be used to
relieve stress, unwind after a hard day at work, promote good
sleep or as a focus of concentration during yoga or meditation.
As a composer of music for relaxation, for a long time have
researched the benefits of music for health and wellbeing. Music
is just a part of relaxation, but can be the key to calm and
relax your mind and body. A good habit can be built; find a
quite room, put work worries to one side and allow yourself time
to unwind – dim the lights, light some candles or incense or
whatever you find calming. Close your eyes and focus on the
sound of your breath. Take in the same amount of air and breathe
longer breaths but less often. Relaxing music is a great focus
for an exercise like this or any relaxation technique. Listen to
relaxation music at a volume level that is high enough to mask
any background noise but not so high as to be overbearing. In a
busy workplace or home, headphones are useful.

The music should not be too distracting and should be carefully
composed to be easy to listen to. Music should be upbeat but
also interesting and different enough to capture the imagination
and become a suitable focus for relief. Nature sounds enhance
the experience as this helps you to imagine a place of peace,
calm, tranquility and serenity. It is best to use music written
specifically for relaxation, although you could use any music
that you find particularly relaxing. This technique is most
useful if it can be practiced for a significant amount of time -
more than half an hour. However, it can be effective if used for
no more than just a few minutes at break times.

Martin Mayer is a media composer and owner of Hole House Records
and Sounds
That Soothe
– producing music to calm and relax

The new CD, “Silver
Streams” is available now – instrumental pieces developed to
relieve stress and aid the body in relaxation.

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Instrumental creation of Ruth Fazal excellent for meditative prayer

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