What is the Secret X Factor That Plays Havoc With the Law of Attraction?

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What is the Secret X Factor That Plays Havoc With the Law of Attraction?

Do you want the Law of Attraction to work for you – to have it truly deliver the kind of life you want to live?

Or is this just something you like to fool with – a fun idea that might hold some grain of truth, but probably won’t work for you?

Take a moment to read through these two questions again. They represent two sides of the same coin – your metaphysical attitude.

It’s hard to think of yourself as a spiritual being engaged in some heroic quest for enlightenment when you are still struggling to make ends meet in the all too material arena of daily life. Somehow, it doesn’t quite ring true. And even assuming you did manage to unravel the secrets of the universe, how much practical use would these revelations be in making life easier in the here and now. Would they pay the rent for example?

In recent years much has been revealed on the subject of creating your own reality. Sources ranging from disciplines such as psycho synthesis and neuro-linguistic programming to quantum physics and much of what is termed ‘channeled’ information all support the idea that reality as we understand and experience it, is self-created. However, the knowledge behind these revelations needs piecing together and integrating into a structured system of self growth to be of any practical value and to do that, you must first accept that you do have this power over your life.

Your reality is self-created, but can you create it the way you want it?

That has to be the next question to grapple with, if you are to seriously consider the idea that you do create your own reality. For, as you begin to accept that this may be the case and start imagining how magnificent your life can become if this is so, you very soon reach the less alluring implication that the very problems and hardships you now want to overcome are already self-created.

The point is that we all create our own reality, but few of us do so consciously. We all enter this life with some notion of the range of circumstances and experiences we expect to encounter, but once we are born and have begun to focus our perception within human limits, our reasons for coming are generally lost in the realms of our unconscious. Furthermore, as we proceed through life, the many trials and tribulations of growing up in a human society impose all manner of rules and restrictions on our expectations – rules and restrictions that tend to crystallize into inflexible attitudes and beliefs as we enter adulthood.

The extent of your personal power depends on your ability to act without these restrictions. And although many restrictions appear to arise through outer circumstances, once you become familiar with the inner blueprints that manifest as your outer reality, you’ll soon recognise that these restrictions are largely self-imposed.

So before you begin to consciously create the reality you want, it is important that you recognize how and why you have created the reality that surrounds you now. For only when you have gained that perspective can you begin to defuse whatever it is that still causes you to create difficulties in your life.

How to use the power of visualization to attract the future you want.

Visualization, or creative visualization as it is often called, is a faculty that enables you to create mental images of objects and circumstances that you want to incorporate into your life. It works less by virtue of the images themselves than by the feelings and sensations that are activated by these images.

The reason this happens is due to the effect of emotions over thought and action. Getting emotionally in tune with the reality you want automatically focuses your mind and body on the experience of whatever that reality happens to be, thereby making it far easier to attain. However, one element that is generally overlooked here concerns the old programmes that are creating the reality you woke up to this morning. These need to be factored in to your visualizations if there is to be any permanence in the outcome.

There is currently a lot of debate around the Law of Attraction, which has been popularized through the book and film of ‘The Secret’ and the earlier film ‘What the Bleep Do We Know’ . Many people now working with the Law of Attraction to create the kind of lives they aspire to are finding that the results fall short of their expectations This is not because The Law of Attraction is flawed in any way, but because they failed to first process out the inner blocks that consistently create recurring restrictions in their lives.


Michael Messina is a writer and metaphysician, who has been writing about and researching personal metaphysics for over 30 years. He is the author of The Secret Mind Inner Guidance System. You can find out more about this at

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