What is Self Esteem in a Nutshell?

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What is Self Esteem in a Nutshell?

Self esteem is the opinion that you have of yourself. Self esteem is partly about the confidence that you possess. It is based on your attitude towards your own self. It also depicts the value or the attitude that you have for the following points:

* Your own value as a person,

* About the job you do,

* The achievements that you have had,

* How do you think that the others see,

* Your own purpose or your goals in life,

* Where do you think you stand when compared to others,

* Your strengths and weaknesses,

* Your social status and how you interact with the others,

* Your own independence and how do you develop your position in the world.

When you consider these points, you are sure to understand what exactly self esteem is.

Self esteem is classified into two parts:

a) Low Self Esteem,

b) High Self Esteem.

Low Self Esteem: low self esteem is the result of the poor attitude that you have towards yourself and the way you think about the points that are mentioned above. You may think low about yourself like you don’t have any purpose in yourself or that there is no reason for your living.

High Self Esteem: High self esteem is the exactly opposite low self esteem. It is one of the most important aspects of your life. Your behaviour is mostly dependent on your self esteem. When you have a high self esteem you feel unusually confident and sure about how are you going to go about your life. Also you feel much happier than the other people around you. You are in a state of high motivation and have the right attitude towards your work all this is the right combination for your own success.

Self esteem is therefore the most important aspect of your life and is the base of a positive attitude.

It is quite easy to know if a person is having high self esteem or not but it’s the low self esteem that escapes untraced. The following are some of the symptoms to recognize low self esteem in a person.

* Some people consider themselves lost and unworthy of everything.

* These people are the worst possible risk takers.

* Most of the people work and are always on a lookout for rejection.

* Many people are fearful of conflict with others.

* Most of these people are poor at solving their own problems and are always looking up to the others for words of praise and approval.

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