What Is Meditation About and What It Can Do for You

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What Is Meditation About and What It Can Do for You

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years in many parts of the world. It´s not just about changing the subjective experience of men, no, the psychological effects are so immense that even physical impacts are detectable and measurable. Especially Buddhism is usually associated with meditation because in Buddhist monasteries this art of finding ones true center and self has been practiced for a long time.

What is meditation? Meditation aims at the change of consciousness to create and develop a holistic form of healing and positive impact both in a psychological and a physiological way.

What kind of different meditation practices exist? Meditation can be practiced in many different forms. For example both Yoga and Zen aim to put people in different states, in which things are seen clearly and the energy can flow freely again.

How does meditation affect you well-being? When practicing meditation people learn to listen inside themselves and to recognize weaknesses. Even the most simple forms of meditation strengthen the self healing powers of the human body. Especially if you feel stressed meditation can help you getting balanced again.

Meditation has positive impacts on:

chronic diseases
stress high blood
sleep disorder

Active or passive meditation?

In meditation there are usually distinguished two different categories: the passive meditation and the active meditation. In addition, there are also differences whether external stimuli are used or not (sound effects, light effects). In the passive form of meditation the body remains calm while trying to center and shifting to a different level of consciousness. While practicing active meditation the body itself is in motion. For example Yoga Asanas or Tantra. However, even dancing can be combined with meditation. There are many tribal cultures using rhythmic movements to reach a kind of trance state and a different level of consciousness. Meditation opens a wide range to change your thinking and to focus on your inner world. Everybody is open to different forms of meditation and prefers the active or passive way but also your daily constitution determines which form you might prefer.

How to start? My best advice is to just do it. Get some simple books about meditation, Yoga or Zen and start. You will feel if it is the right form for you. However, at some point you have to make your choice and focus on YOUR path.

Nik Rossi is a Yoga Enthusiastic and has been a Professional Online PokerPlayer and Currency Trader for more than 5 years. Nik recommends Advanced Yoga Practices as a good resource for meditation.

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