What Don’t You Know About Charisma And Its Origin?

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What Don’t You Know About Charisma And Its Origin?

Charisma is a personality trait difficult to define because nobody can be  exactly sure what it really entails. It is easy to detected it  but difficult to describe.

1- What is charisma?

Charisma is a constellation of complex and sophisticated emotional and social skills. It is defined as the quality of an individual person who is “set apart” from ordinary people because he is considered as endowed with divine, supernatural, superhuman, or has extraordinary qualities or powers. It is the capacity  to influence others in a  positive way  by connecting with them emotionally, physically and intellectually. It makes people like you and enjoy being around you, even they do not know much about you. Charisma is all about transmitting your invisible energy  or magnetism to people you are in contact with through body language. If you transfer fear,anxiety and stress, people will be repelled. If you bring  tranquility and  relaxation, people will be attracted to your peace and calmness, and they will desire  to be more like you. It  is about having a persuasive  vision, communicating it with conviction, appealing to people’s value, paying attention to people as individuals, challenging  people intellectually, and communicating high expectations and performance. It the determining factor behind why two people who have the same job with similar education, knowledge, intelligence, ambition, experience, and competence achieve levels of success totally different. A charismatic person  ,who has no power, can sit at the head of a round table and has influence

2-What is the origin of charisma?

It is considered as divine in origin or as exemplary. The word “charisma” was initially used by Christian people. It comes from a Greek word which means “divine favor” or “gift of grace” and it described individuals like Jesus Christ who were capable of performing divine miracles. In the beginning it had much less to do with communication and leadership skills, and is much more related with extraordinary or unusual powers which suggested that the individual was empowered by god or the Holy Spirit. After making a research about the sociology of government and leadership, Max Weber, a German in the beginning of 20th century  introduced this concept of charisma as a personality trait. He mentioned several types of  worldwide charismatic leaders, and the term began to acquire a life of its own. Today, leaders, government officials, prominent religious officials and sometimes an ordinary individual are often described as charismatic. Charismatic leaders stand up usually in times of crisis in which the basic values, the foundation of institutions, and the legitimacy of the organization are questioned. An extraordinary situation calls forth a charismatic authority structure so that charisma, at least temporarily, leads to actions, movements, and events outside the sphere of everyday life. Charisma rejects or transcendents routine life. Charisma deals with the existing, the self-evident, the established order. It works like catalyst in an organization.


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