What Are The Symptoms For Sleep Apnea

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What Are The Symptoms For Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea also known as OSP affects thousands of people all over the world, very often leading to the development of severe health issues such as heart failure, hypertension, stroke and so on. The most common symptoms sleep apnea is recognized by include gaps in the breathing pattern, loud snoring, choking and gasping, frequent awakenings during the night and so on. Most of these symptoms sleep apnea manifests are usually noticed by the bed partner, with the mention that snoring is not always the sign of sleep apnea. There are actually people who snore very loudly, but who show no signs of breathing cessation.

There are other symptoms sleep apnea causes but their occurrence rate is lower. Some people have reported repeated headaches during the night and at daytime too, and they can be very often accompanied by poor memory episodes and the inability to concentrate. Attention focus disorders signaled in children have often been explained by the sleep apnea episodes. Moreover, it is known that the more frequent the breathing gaps per hour, the slower the overall development of the child. Hence, specialists ring an alarm bell to draw the parents attention not to neglect any sleep problems the child may show.

Mouth dryness, bad mood, fatigue manifested during the day, irritability, they can be all triggered by improper night rest. Moreover, among the recognized symptoms sleep apnea includes, we should also signal excessive sweating and frequent awakenings over the night, sometimes accompanied by the urge to urinate. In certain cases, people wake up choking or struggling to breathe, and they wake up when doing so. Such situations can easily lead to night terror in young children, not to mention that bed-wetting remains a problems even after five years of age. Behavioral problems have also been reported in connection to sleep apnea in children.

The symptoms sleep apnea is identified by usually require medical confirmation by all sorts of medical tests that allow a health care provider to determine the severity of the sleep disorder and whether it is apnea or not. The treatment pattern can only be established once a clear diagnosis has been passed, and it may be surgical, nasal, behavioral and so on. Surgical treatment by the removal of tonsils and adenoids is more frequent with young children, whereas the others mentioned above are applied to adults. As a matter of fact the very number of sleep apnea patients is higher for the adult age.

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