What Are The Diabetes Symptoms

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What Are The Diabetes Symptoms

To find out whether you suffer from diabetes or not, the easiest way is to visit a doctor and get a proper analysis of your glucose. Some symptoms are also there that can tell you indirectly whether you encounter any of the three diabetes types – type 1, type 2 and pregnancy type.

Diabetes type 2 is the most common type. The signs of diabetes may be feeling like urinating quite often and especially waking up at night to do it. Increased sensation of thirst will also be experienced by you, as the kidneys increase their activity to remove the extra glucose from the blood. Come together always, these two symptoms. Also, a high level of glucose usually determines a fast and unexplainable weight loss – up to 3-5 kilos a month. As a result of the insulin not providing the cells with glucose, the unexpected weight loss comes. In order to survive, as there is nothing the organism can transform in energy, so it starts feeding with the proteins in muscles and fat. Due to the high oscillations of the glucose, intense hunger may also appear. When its level goes down, the organism asks for extra food to work properly. Diabetes symptoms are also itches and dry skin. Sometimes, the skin problems include dark spots in the areas of armpits and neck. The long lasting cure should be a question mark, whenever you suffer from a wound, whether you cut your nails excessively or you just fall during an exercise. Your blood vessels are deteriorated obviously, usually due to the high quantity of glucose. Also obvious symptoms of diabetes are tiredness and foggy view, tingles and numbness.

Diabetes type 1 is less common on the other hand as it affects younger people. Only a few months are there between the first symptoms and the installation of diabetes 1. This type of diabetes only includes the high need of thirst and often urinations, tiredness, extra hunger, weakness and weight loss, although the symptoms are pretty much similar. Although the symptoms are quite similar, these two types of diabetes are very difference one from the other. As these symptoms may be also common for other diseases, it becomes very important to make sure you ask for detailed professional tests when you consult a doctor At the same time, when two or more of them start showing up, pretty high chances are there to have diabetes.

A pregnant woman suffering from pregnancy diabetes is generally asymptomatic, just like the other two types of diabetes. In rare cases, tiredness, extra urination and hunger may show up. It’s about 3 times bigger than normal the insulin necessity of a pregnant woman, during the 2-nd and 3-rd trimesters of pregnancy. The raise in the anti-insulin hormones production is explained by this. A doctor is consulted as fast as possible when whichever of these symptoms may be encountered. There is not an official way to cure diabetes yet, but there are many other ways to prevent its development.

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