Weight Loss Diet – 6 Proven Ways To lose Weight Quicker And Better

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Weight Loss Diet – 6 Proven Ways To lose Weight Quicker And Better

We know that we would like lose weight but how do we go about losing the weight the right way. Like everyone else who starts or is on a diet, we like to see differences happening almost immediately and these results can be accelerated with good changes. This applies to both your daily habits and your lifestyle.

Lets look at some concerning facts about who we are today. Over 60 percent of us living in the United States are classed as overweight and the amount of deaths occurred by obesity is one of highest for many americans.

I know as I was classed as being overweight and in that high risk category by my medical doctor.

Like so many us, we look for help from a number of popular drugs on the market that can give us a chance at losing weight and more importantly keeping the weight off.

While this can work for you for a period of time, it isn’t the best solution as it can get expensive and some medications can even have adverse effects on your health.

I believe in a healthy diet and good exercise and being true to the story, you can lose fat quickly and keep the weight off with some great guidelines and generating a good habit.

Lets look at what you can do today to help with weight loss:


1. Junk Food Is Comfort Food

We all love to grab something thats quick and easy to get, but how does it affect our weight when its junk food that were eating? Our best efforts in losing weight will be lost and our hunger for these types of food will only get bigger. Fast foods like burgers, pizza, fries, or snack food like potato chips and soda are known for poor nutrition and really do not offer you any value if your goal is to lose weight. You can start at your home, swapping the food inside your fridge and cupboards like the sugary and greasy foods and replace them with healthier options like fruits, vegetables, wholegrain cereals, etc. It can take a little getting used to but be persistent and think how much better you can feel afterwards.

2. Drinking Water

We all know we should drink water everyday but this is especially true for people like me and you who want to lose weight and keep it off at the same time. You see water has a way of flushing out the toxins and unwanted fats while replenishing your body and helping with weight loss. Feeling dehydrated is one factor which can effect you and your body being at its best during the day. You can begin feeling tired or fatigued and with this you wont be able to burn fat as fast. Being essential to a healthy body, a good intake of water would be 6 to 8 glasses of water daily.

3. Portions Sizes

Many top athletes and fitness experts agree that reducing your portions helps you to lose weight more effectively. They do this by eating five or six smaller meals during the day at regular intervals of say 3 to 5 hours. While aiding your appetite suppression it will increase your metabolism to burn fat levels without much physical activity.

4. Controlling Your Calories

This isn’t as hard as it sounds. Start by reducing the amount of calorie intake gradually on a daily basis and do not deprive yourself by going on long amounts of time without food to lower your calorie levels. When your at a point of using up more calories than your eating each day, you will then begin to feel and notice your body naturally losing weight. This can help you cut down snacking and binging on foods that aren’t good for you while staying focused on your goals.

5. Start Exercising Regularly

A good way to look at this is to begin thinking active and visualize benefits. A better body comes with a better mind. Working out and being energetic is very important in helping you lose weight and having better health, but be careful involving anything too strenuous or excessive. The benefits you can achieve are improved stamina, flexibility, a solid mental state and of course better physical fitness. There are other benefits that regular exercise can give you that just dieting alone cannot do.

6. All With A Good Night Sleep

I love a good night sleep and it’s one of the things you can do without too much effort on your part. Being integral to your weight loss plan, having enough sleep is a key component to losing weight, feeling better and improving your body’s leptin levels. Medical findings have proven that being deprived of sleep can bring on hunger and increase one’s appetite to eat more frequently. A good 7 to 8 hours of sleep is recommended by most experts.

I hope that helps you to set your sights on your goals and bring about better changes to your eating habits and lifestyle. I know it can be hard at first because I myself was overweight but stick with it and I guarantee you will see the results you want to see.


All The Best,

Mary Sutherland


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I created this video at What is Vegetarianism? Some consider it to be a good health diet to some it is ethical and to others it is the purest way to attain spiritual enlightenment. A Vegetarian eating plan also known as plant-based eating is based on a diet of Grain, Fruits, Vegetable, Nuts, and Seeds, this styles of eating has existed since the beginning of recorded history. A Vegetarian movement was found in Rome as early as 600 BCE from the Christian Bible, to Islam Qur’an, to Zoroastrian Avestan, to Buddhism, to the Upanishads, from the ancient writing of Plato to the beliefs of the early Egyptians. A Vegetarian diet was expounded as the diet of choice for peaceful and healthful existence, both physically and spirally. Ancient, Masters and sages, and the world greatest and most influential scientist, actors, and super athletes all advocate a plant based diet. Vegetarianism is a compassionate ecologically sound and spiritually uplifting lifestyle that respects, the sanctity of all life. Vegetarianism is the Noble way of living. The live we want to live are right at the tips of our fingers: It’s not up to the government, your parents, your religious, your friends, your favorites restaurant, your supermarket, to make lifestyle changes critical to good health. It’s up to you Educate yourself. Don’t be a processed person.

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