Wealth Creation Strategies – Change Your Life!

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Wealth Creation Strategies – Change Your Life!

Take the first step, and your mind will mobilize all its forces to your aid. But the first essential is that you begin. Once the battle is started, all that is within and without you will come to your assistance. Robert Collier

If you are at a crossroads in your life, perhaps the hardest thing to do is take that first step towards change and the creation of a new life.

There is much advertising in the media that tends to make us feel vulnerable and uncertain. In fact, there is a huge amount of uncertainty in our world. Sometimes it leaves us feeling powerless and wondering whether it is worth taking that risk, that step forward, that leap of faith which may lead us through uncharted territory and towards personal achievement and growth.

But if we cave in to the negativity out there and within ourselves, we have essentially closed the door and accepted the status quo. We have decided that things are all too hard, unchangeable, and that maybe our lot in life is in fact, mediocrity, self-doubt and feeling unfulfilled.

Might I suggest that you think back to when you were a child?


That was a time when you were free to be whatever you chose to be. Everything was imaginable. Everything was possible. There were no limiting beliefs and the world was your oyster. You could be a king one day, the president of the United States another, and Spiderman when you saw fit. You didn’t have to battle with that inner being that cautions you that things are:

 too hard
 they won’t work
 perhaps people will talk,
and anyway the risk is too great.

That was the time when you really believed in yourself. You were confident that you could achieve anything that you desired.

Imagine now, if you could harness that invincible courageous being again.

What would it feel like?
Where might it take you?
What could you do?
Would you care about the opinion others might have of you?
 Would negativity be part of you being?

I think not!

You know, it is possible to regain that positive self. It is doable, and it can change your life, change it in ways that you might never have dreamed possible.

Moreover, the more you work at being positive and proactive, the more you develop an ‘I-can-do-it’ attitude, the less chance there is for your enduring the monkey chatter that tends to weigh us down.

Identify your fears. What caused them in the first instance? Are they reasonable fears? Are they actually going to occur? Will that bolt of lightning strike you down?

You know fears are often quite irrational. How often does a bolt of lightning kill? How many people do you know who have been wiped out by a falling tree? I don’t know one, and yet, many people’s lives are controlled by such irrational thinking.

So, once you have identified your fears and put them into perspective, it is time to move on and surround yourself with positive people, people who have no time for negative thinking or limiting beliefs. Such people are too busy becoming, and growing, and developing their beings. Most likely they are also developing their bank reserves too!

And now you must action your desires. Visualizing alone won’t work. You have to be informed about your goals and work hard towards achieving them. Nothing is going to come out of thin air. There is no magic in this. It’s a coupling of your desires and your hard work that will propel you towards your desires.

Be informe! 
Get rid of the excuses.
Have an opinion so that you are confident to try, to move forward and take that initial step.
More importantly, adopt a confident air.

Change your thought processes too. whenever negative thoughts creep into your mind, stop and ask yourself how you can turn them into positive thoughts. It’s hard at first, but with practice it becomes second nature. When people speak in negative terms regarding others, you will notice this. It will have lost its appeal for you.

In all of this forgive people. Create some time to help others. What talents could you utilise for the benefit of someone who is in need? You know the more you try to find time for philanthropy, the more time you will have.

The result of all of this is that people will start to like you, to notice the change, and perhaps even want to be around you. How good would that be? You can, indeed, change your life!

Working as a life-coach and in personal development is just pure pleasure.  The joy in being able to help another human being to turn a corner, gather courage, and through that get back on track, is  immeasurable.immeasurable.



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