Want To Improve Your Life? The Time To Do It Is Now

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Want To Improve Your Life? The Time To Do It Is Now

I’ve heard it said that you know you are getting older when you look in the mirror and see your father looking back at you. I’d go one step further and say you really feel it when you start telling your own kids stories, about the things you did with your own dad, and realise he was younger then than you are now. Where does the time go and why don’t we notice it? The truth is we all believe we’ll be young forever when we are kids, but before you know it the salad days are over and your body is morphing into something that, on the outside, bares no resemblance to how you feel on the inside.
As I approach my fiftieth birthday I am beginning to feel a little cheated and lost, I haven’t done half the things I had planned for myself and I certainly never made the millions I intended to have by the time I was forty. That doesn’t mean I haven’t had a great life and done loads of things, I have, I’m just not yet at the place in my head I want to be. So what went wrong? Somewhere along the line I strayed from the route to Nirvana and ended up living on the edge of a new town in Essex, one broken marriage, four kids and a second wife being all I have to show for my troubles, oh – and a bigger mortgage than I would have liked to have still around my neck.
Life is like a Monkey in a sack, you think you’ve got it under control, but one false move and it’ll bight you in the arse or escape altogether, leaving you holding on to nothing but an empty sack. Well, my Monkey may have bitten me twice and run off taking the sack with him but am I daunted or downhearted? Nah, not really. You simply have to look back at what you did and why you did it. Most decisions you take in life are your own, most mistakes you make are yours too, you can’t even blame Gordon Brown for those and he seems to be responsible for almost everything we complain about at the moment. My life has been a struggle, at times, but it’s been a great adventure too. I’ve seen places my siblings or parents have never seen, I’ve met people they only read about and I’ve done things they find hard to fathom. So do I complain? Yes of course I do. I want to look as young as I feel and I want to be richer. But will I find a way to stop doing whatever it is I did to bring me to this point? Frankly, yes! I have discovered a fantastic way forward, a way to improve my attitude, organise my life and associate with other like-minded people. What’s so incredible about that is that I had the answers right here in my life all the time. I have lived them, taught them and benefited by them. At times I was just not as loyal as I should have been to the “law” that ensures life is what you want it to be. As the old addage goes, you have to practice what you preach. I am talking of course about the “Law of Attraction” that some may have heard of as “The Secret”. This secret is so fundamental to living a succesful life that it’s almost amazing it isn’t taught in our schools. I now have my future all planned out and I am so excited at shaking off the fog that clouded my vision, I now loyally practice for myself what I have preached for so long to others. I am more focused now on my own needs as well as the needs of others. That strange and wonderful thing is that my own needs will be fulfilled best by still doing what I’ve always done – helping others. People like you. So if you would like to know more about where the answers lie and how I can help you to improve your life through focus and the sharing of the secret, visit my site at Believe me, this could be a completely mind and life changing experience for you, but I can’t prove that until you join me. Let’s talk, you have nothing to lose and believe me, everything to gain.

Trevor is a writer, entrepreneur and life coach respected for his ability to adapt to any given situation or requirement. A keen lover of music, art, literature and travel. He is now dedicated to fulfilling his own ambitions by helping others achieve theirs and he’s waiting to help you right now.

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