Wake up From Our Shallow Slumber

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Wake up From Our Shallow Slumber

Wake up From Our Shallow Slumber
By Rhona Kornel

A lot of speculation exists about the amount of hours required to sleep. It depends on the individual and varies according to how active you are or are not, if you eat life-giving or life-draining foods and how emotionally and mentally demanding the day has been.

Increases the need for sleep:
• Sugar and all processed ‘food’
• Lack of exercise
• Arguing
Decreases the need for sleep:
• Fruit and vegetables
• Regular exercise
• Peacefulness

For the average person to achieve deep sleep, the remedy is simple and involves learning to breathe slowly in combination with certain exercises.  When you wake up in the morning and your eyes and skin feel rejuvenated and you feel great, you know you’ve had restorative sleep.  It really feels like this.  The sense of well-being is unmistakable!
It is important to address any obstacles that may arise in your effort to restore normal sleeping habits.  If you find you lack motivation, or you experience discomfort or resistance to relearning how to sleep with these exercises, you may need a coach such as myself.  It is very important to develop the habit of regular nightly practice of this program.  This is a tool for life.  Be prepared for gentle and wonderful changes in your health, attitude and behavior! 
Over the years, I have not employed expensive, elaborate tests of my sleep patterns.  I did not have my circadian rhythms analyzed.  I did not explore Cognitive Refocusing, Monotonous Stimulation, and Stimulus Control or Paradoxical Intention.  I was prescribed medication, but chose to find a more natural way.  I put my anxiety and insomnia to rest and took control of my life by learning how to breathe.  I learned how to have perfect nights every night and wake up refreshed.
By sharing with you Deep Sleep in 7 Minutes, I offer you the most important secret of attaining a tremendous sense of well-being.  Tested and true, I have seen overwhelming results. 
Staying healthy and happy, you need to learn the art of sleeping. If you are an athlete, your performance and quick recuperation depend on good sleep.  If you operate heavy machinery, your heightened alertness depends on proper sleep.  If you need to concentrate and be fully awake during the day, deep sleep will help you.  If you want to be more creative you need to tap into these sources of energy at night.  If you are challenged with an illness you definitely will find an ally in sleeping well.  If you are an older person, sleep is so important to maintain a long and healthy lifestyle.
Statistics show that sleeping problems increase with age for all of us. The Better Sleep Council Statistics estimates that two out of every three seniors suffers from sleep deprivation. The relationship between poor sleeping habits and degeneration of the body and mind is scientifically proven. Which comes first; poor sleeping habits or old age and sickness?
Does old age cause poor sleeping habits, other complaints, illness and general degeneration? Or are poor sleeping habits the culprit?
It’s time to wake up from our shallow slumber and realize that we can improve our health, slow down aging and access more of our human creative potential if we learn how to recharge fully every night. Now you know one of life’s best-kept secrets.  Tell everyone.  Give them a copy of this article. They will thank you. 
Learning the art of sleeping is one of the best deeds you can do for yourself, your loved ones, your boss and colleagues, society and even the planet at large. Connecting to the power of deep sleep will enable you to have a perfect night of sleep every night and be at your best, shining, successful self during the day!
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Rhona Kornel is a yoga/pilates/massage studio owner since 1990 in Quebec. Her classes are in the styles of Hatha Yoga, Chakra Yoga, Maha Yoga, Power Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Pilates based on her eclectic training of many healing modalities including Thai Massage.
She has authored Deep Sleep in 7 Minutes and Sleeping For Beauty as well as several yoga and pilates dvds. Her upcoming book Cleansing for Rejuvenation will be released in June 2009.
Her passion is to take away peoples’ pain. She is skilled in Reflexology. She studied 2 years at a holistic school in Montreal learning the basics of environmental health, essential oils, homeopathy, bodywork, chakras and energetic techniques.

Her most life altering experiences have come through Vipassana (10-day silent meditation), Amerindian sweats and drumming, raw food diet, cleansing, fasting and yoga kriyas (purification exercises) that she writes about in her fourth book, Cleansing for Rejuvenation – for everyone.
She organizes conferences with other teachers and healers on the subjects of essential oils, water, 2012, the Mayan calendar, Inca Prophecy, EMF pollution, sleep, holistic dentistry, and cleansing techniques for disease prevention and rejuvenation.

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