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Video is here to stay. Witness the fact that YouTube already has more video than ABC, CBS, and NBC has ever produced since they went ‘on-air’, over 50 years ago. While YouTube is the most popular site, (Hulu is #2), the 3rd most popular site is: Facebook. As Hulu is re-cycled broadcast content, Facebook is #2 in user-generated content.

OK. So we can all agree that at some level video is important. The question becomes how to ‘get in the game?’ Here’s a nothing held back overview of an easy 5 step concept few know about, yet those few are knocking the ball out of the park!

Step 1 You’re an expert at “something”. It might be as simple as the area of the world you live in. Write (or have someone write) 300-500 word pieces that are specific. How many grocery stores? What gas stations? Small shops? Get specific.

Step 2 Post your specific articles at TRCB is a quick and easy way to get your articles published and get paid for them. And don’t forget to take the time to setup a Google Gmail account (if you don’t have one) and then a Google AdSense account. (You will see why in a minute).

Step 3 Set up your TRCB account. Tell them about the AdSense codes YOU created according to the layout dimension from Now you will get your chance to earn money from the AdSense ads wrapped around your article! (You are the Subject Matter Expert) in regular searching, and if your stuff earns ad money, Google pays you directly. Works like this: Using the above example where you wrote an article about the area you live in: Someone searching your area views the article, sees the AdSense ads (created by Local AdWords from Google), and you get paid from Google!

Step 4 Setup a TRCB.NET (not com) account . There are several videos to assist you with the how stuff works there. The overview is you register your social media sites with TRCB.NET and then use their site as a ‘portal’ to all your social media sites. A great number of features are available at no charge to you.

Step 5 Connect your article with your TRCB.NET account. Your article will be converted to a background video and sub-titled. Depending on your topic, a male or female (mechanical) voice will “read” your article, along with the sub-titling and changing background.
Your video is created and posted to YouTube! No camera, no microphone.

After TRCB.NET gets a Success Code from YouTube, TRCB.NET then notifies your Twitter, FaceBook, and Linkedin accounts, all without intervention (sans assistance, touch-less, auto-magic baby!)

That’s it! Because the TRCB system is end-to-end computerized, your movie creation costs are laughably low.

What might not be obvious is this is beyond “re-defining easy”! Write or hire someone to write and article on any specific topic, maybe get paid for it from Google, convert it to YouTube Video! It’s touch-less so your time involvement (or how you look), matters zero. And your social media is handled; instead of it man handling you. The real gem is:

This Video Marketing is 100% virtual. Therefore the real-time barrier of creating video is now meaningless! Think about that!

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