Vibration Of Consciousness

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Vibration Of Consciousness

Vibration Of Consciousness

We are at the constant state of vibration as our universe is vibrating.

Still we feel tired and dejected in work place and do not achieve anything spectacular.

The tired and the dejected traveler was unable to find the reason of his tiredness,irritation and vexed feelings.

He was thinking that it was natural to feel tired and feel irritated.


He was returning from work and went to his most favourable river site.

There he tried to diffuse all his tiredness and mental dejections.

He was marking the flow of the river and the vibration of the flow was entering in each cell of his body.

The river mixes with sea and one day he will also mix with the sea while walking by the side of the river.


The worker was visualizing the entire day’s work in his mental eyes.

He was feeling the vibrations of his tiredness,worries and anxieties.

He was conscious of all the worries and anxieties of that day.

He was trying to find out the reason why an employee feel irritated and becomes unable to mantain a harmonious relationship.


The sun was setting and birds were returning home.

One day he will return to his home and forget all the pain and miseries of life.

Before that he was trying to fulfill some spectacular dreams so that his family and society will be benifited.

But due to the life’s frustrating and irritatating nature he was feeling pity and was looking to the vast sky.


In the cool ours of the evening when the full moon appeared he was merged in nature’s vibration.

His consciousness was converted in to total vibration.

Beginning from his head to toe he felt tremendous vibration and felt as if he is moving in the speed of light.

Thus he was converted in to pure energy and saw that entire universe is vibrating and we all are vibrated beings.


The degree to which our consciousness vibrates to that degree we manifest ourselves.

By the vibration of consciousness in each bit of our activity we work more with out fatigue.

Our look,hearing and thinking should all vibrate in tune with the vibration of the universe.

Then we can sing the songs of the universe and know many secrets of life.


The worker experiencing a greater degree of vibration in his consciousness forgot life.

He looked to the other side of life and found absolute peace and bliss.

He was able to perform better with a greater spirit and achieved manythings in life.

By conscious vibration with all that he did,saw,heard,feel and thought he went in to the pinnacle of success.








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