Using the Sedona Method for Personal Growth

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Using the Sedona Method for Personal Growth

Do you have an interest in private development and self-development programmes? If you do, then the probabilities are you’ve heard of the Sedona Method as being a tool worth using. A recent review of the Sedona Method claimed it is best called a unique, simple, strong, but easy-to-learn and copy system. It shows you the easy way to uncover your natural capability to let go of any distressing or unwelcome feeling in the moment.

This Sedona Method review indicated it includes a sequence of questions you ask yourself to steer your awareness into what you are feeling in the instant. It then gradually guides you into the experience of letting go. Letting go of the old is one of the toughest things in the world for most homo sapiens. Letting go of old worn-out habits, old ineffective thought patterns, old routines that just don’t fit any more, old impressions of places or people that are now no longer useful, old feelings that are emotional scars that will not heal and get in the way of progress, are all things that the majority when reading of them nod their heads and agree should be disposed of like an old ratty security blanket from childhood. Yet, how few of those folks would ditch or learn past these things! Most would just continue holding on to them.

Change–which is the one continued in the universe and in life–is a terrifying experience for most of the people. We even take for granted some longer-term changes ; we know that we were shorter and weaker when we were five than we are now, and we know the short, weak five-year-old before us will one day grow into a taller, stronger woman or man. They might be embodied in outward circumstances,eg our careers or homes, but even then they have to do with what we feel we are as a soul, a personality.

There is one thing that most adults fear more than death or, it seems, even physical torture. And that’thing’ is being incorrect. It is this fear of being wrong that stops us, the majority of the time, from letting go of the old. Too many times, when we are about to let go of the old we feel that we are admitting to having been inaccurate ( and the presumption that there’s something shameful about being inaccurate is itself a negative, false assumption ).
The ego, which is rightly the gatekeeper to our spirit, asserts to us,’Wait a minute! You’re pondering changing you tactics with this? You are getting ready to change your opinion about that? Don’t you remember when that certain event occurred to you that proved to you the way you’ve been doing things since then works? You are safe! Why change? It could be dangerous!’
But the ego forgets that change is the only steady in life. It is natural for us to let go of the old ; for as kids we do so without effort. Our society values our pride in thinking we all know everything. Instead, we will and must learn to take pleasure in being brave about making mistakes, changing, seeing a new viewpoint, letting go of the old, and revelling in the endless journey the end of which is not an arrival but an evolution into ever-new possibilities.

When you use the Sedona Method, you learn an emotional-release methodology which helps you to recognize and let go of emotions on the spot and rest in a state of permitting. I found a Sedona Method review that said that it empowers you to make changes inside yourself, by yourself!

It allows you to do the most vital thing needed so you can effect change. And that is to LET GO of those patterns that don’t serve you! Sounds simple and with the way it is explained and taught, it puts you into the position of being able to think clearly. Therefore , I expect that you will continue seeing results as long as you use it. Accept my word for it ; you will receive lasting benefits throughout your entire life!

Seth Chen is an author and blogger with many years experience in the self help field. Check out the Sedona Method review at

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