Using the Power of the Law of Attraction to Manifest Your Purposeful Life

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Using the Power of the Law of Attraction to Manifest Your Purposeful Life

If you have not studied or know someone who is applying the law of attraction in their lives. Then you are missing out on one of the most powerful rights known to man. You see everyone has access to this right and they probably already using it power in daily lives without even knowing it. How many times have you said to your self that you hope that check doesn’t bounce. Or have to you continually say that you are broke and end up living paycheck to paycheck, and not having enough money to make ends meet.

See the law of attraction deals with these kinds of issues and by simply changing how you reflect and say things allows you to bring good and desirable things into manifestation. You can manifest money, a new relationship, a home, a car, anything that is desirable and is of good intentions can be manifested.

The way that the law of attraction works is that energy or sometimes call a vibe attracts like energy, so in this regard whatever you thinking or saying is being radiated into the universe and the universe responds to those signals by bringing in fruition what has been sent out. Think of like science, light is a source of energy, when you turn on the light switch a signal goes out and the result is a light that comes on.

An example of this could be if you have ever encountered anybody who seems to happy, did you ever notice that they seem to have a good vibe that sends out good vibrations to all that are around them?

By putting the law of attraction into practice you are allowing your well-being or emotional energy to manifesting the positive things that you want for life. You see you do not manifest from what you do, you actually manifest from the way that feel about the things that you do.

What are some of the ways that you can put the laws of attraction into practice, well for one you can use daily affirmations and put them where ever you can see them and focus on them daily. Secondly who can also using visual aids known as vision boards. Vision boards are sort of like a map of what you want to accomplish or desire in your life. You can use pictures or words in order to put your vision boards together.

The one thing that you have to remember is that you have to be specific about what it is that you want to manifest. Without being specific you probably will not have the desirable results that you want. For example instead of say that you want a house on a hill, I would rephrase that to specifically indicate the exact location of where you want to live.

By following the law of attraction, you have control of your destiny and you can reach a level of personal or professional enrichment that you right deserve.

Donna McAlister is the Owner of Prosperity Is Now an online blog discussing the principles of prosperity and the law of attraction and how to put them into practice.

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