Using The Law Of Attraction To Manifest

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Using The Law Of Attraction To Manifest

I’m doing the things that I always wanted to do. Yes, there are more things in life that I want, but he’s right, I’m pretty happy with my life. Have I achieved everything I wanted? Heavens no! It is an ongoing journey. If you get to the place that you’re done – well that’s about the time you step over to the other side. Me, I’m not done, I’m playing, and there are so many adventures still to be had. So what do I say when people ask me “is the Secret, the law of attraction real?” I say yes – and here’s 5 steps to make it work for you: 1. Start with your focus – Martial artists often say energy flows where attention goes. What are you focusing on? You may think that having a thought or two about your desire is enough – but if what you are doing in your life or with your emotions is contradictory to your desire, it will be apparent that you need more focus in your life. Focus means to hone in on your desire. Be like a dog with a bone. Make a list of what you want in life.

2. Tie each thing on your list to a feeling What is it that you want to experience – what do you want to feel – what would it feel like?

3. Feel gratitude – show the universe you are thankful – when you walk in appreciation of what you have (and operate as if you already have what you want and you explore that feeling with gratitude) you are sending a HUGE vibration out to the universe that works like magic. Your mother was right – learn how to say thank you and mean it – even if what you want is not here yet.

4. Detach from the results – If you are constantly looking for the results, then you’re not detached and you’re sending contradictory messages to the universe. Not being detached makes you compare where you are with where you want to be and makes you focus on what’s not showing up. This will guarantee more of what you don’t want showing up.

5. Practice feeling what it would be like having what you want – Find a way to feel as if you have the abundance now, have the joy now, have the manifestation now. How do you do that – by recognizing all the good things in your life. Don’t focus on the negative aspects; focus on the positive. Life is such that you can’t have one without the other. Regardless of where you are in your desires, there are always two sides to the equation: what you want and what you don’t want. So, focus and feel the way you want to feel as if you already had what you want.

Don’t you remember as a little kid how you used to do this for hours on end? This is the way it still works. If you can approach the universe and life with the attitude of a child, not cynical, but open, and enjoy what you experience and have fun while you do it – you’re on your way.

My brother and I would play out in the dirt for hours, we’d smooth roadways, build little houses, make neighborhoods and play. Funny thing that, my brother became someone who worked on the highways – and both of us have built our own houses. If you can get into the feeling play of creative imagination and visualization – you’ll achieve a vibration that resonates with the universe and it can’t help but send you a match to that vibration.

Remember that the law of attraction is like the sun – it is always on even if it’s behind the clouds or on the other side of the earth. It is always on – it is always working.

Whether you like it or not, believe it or not, the secret, the law of attraction is working in your life right this minute. So what signal are you emitting? If it’s in line with your desires, then hold on, cause you’re in for some fun rides! Consciously using the law of attraction to create one’s life is like an E-ticket ride at Disneyland. But be aware that while you may be at the helm of your little boat — you’re not in charge of the Wind.

I know how confusing it can be – and a lot of people don’t believe this stuff. They think it’s all new age woowoo gobbledygook. I’m here to share with you that it isn’t. Everyone knows by now that everything is energy – everything from the sun to the moon and back around again – everything is energy.

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How To Manifest Your Desires And Dreams!

Article from The law of attraction can help you manifest everything you desire in your life. Money, relationships, health and abundance in every area of your life when you know the secret to using it’s power. Using the law of attraction code teachings you will know how to use it’s power.
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