Using Segment Intending with the Law of Attraction

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Using Segment Intending with the Law of Attraction

If you’ve read any of the material on the law of attraction or the book the secret you may have come across the idea of segment intending.  Segment intending is a process in which your day is broken down into very small segments.  Every segment has a specific intention, an outcome that you desire.

The Secret talks about this process without going into it in detail.  In the book, you simply think about the next thing you want to happen.  For instance, in the book there is a reference to driving into a parking lot and finding a good parking place.  Before you enter the parking lot, a new segment, you think to yourself that you are going to find a parking place that is convenient and close.  Then when you enter the lot, the law attraction manifests this.

In the books by Ester Hicks, the process of segment intending is more thoroughly defined.  In her books she writes that you break down your day into very small segments, the tinier the better.  With these very small segments it is easy to create a specific intention of what you desire.  The more specific the intention, the easier it is for the law of attraction to produce the intention in your life.

So how does this all work?  Here’s a quick example.  Let’s say you’re going to the store to buy some milk.  The first segment is getting into the car.  Your intention is that the car starts and operates properly.  Next you drive to the store.  Here your intention is to have a quick safe drive.  At the store you enter a new segment with the intention of quickly and easily finding the milk.  As you enter the checkout line the intention is to have a short line and quickly pay for the item.  Then it’s back to the car and the drive home, still more segments.  

In each of these segments you had a very narrowly focused, specific intention that allowed the law attraction to create what you desired.

So here are the steps.

First, divide the day down into as many small segments as you can, the smaller more specific the better.

Second, for each segment state your desired outcome.

Third, get out of the way and let the law of attraction manifest your desire for you.

That’s it.  Whether you are a reader of the book, The Secret or of Ester Hick’s books on the Law Attraction, if you practice segment intending you will find more and more of what you intend manifested in your life.  And the more you manifest the small things, the easier it is to manifest the bigger things.

I hope you’ll learn this process and put it into practice.  This simple process can be life changing.  

Here’s to segment intending and manifesting everything you desire.

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