Understanding The Power Of Charisma

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Understanding The Power Of Charisma

There are only two types of people in the society – the ordinary and the extraordinary, where the latter is somebody who stands out in the crowd and the former is everybody else. So, which one are you?

If you insist to be just an ordinary person, then we don’t have to keep going with this. The average person, hardly recognizable in a crowd, is contented with what he has, settles with being just an option, decides according to the majority, and doesn’t care if nobody misses him if he’s gone. Hence, if you are this type of person, then there is no need to improve your personality, right? After all, you’re satisfied with being ordinary, with being yourself.

Actually, that would not be a problem if you can stay ordinary for the rest of your life. However, reality assures us that at some point in our lives, each one of us will indeed need to become extraordinary. No matter how much we want to stay behind the limelight, at one point, the focus will still aim at us.

Hence, we can never avoid being more-than-the-average person. In life, we’ll meet friends and special people, get married, have kids and a family of our own, and do work. As a friend, a spouse, a parent, and a boss, we can never just be ordinary, because the people who we ought to deal with in life will need our guidance, leadership, care, and love. And we can never give them these things if we’d stay ordinary for the rest of our lives. Don’t we want to give them the best?

Being extraordinary means being able to be recognized in a crowd; that no matter how filled a room is with people, you’d stand out and be distinguished that you are you and not like anybody else. It means being better than the rest in terms of everything they are good at. And to be this type of person, you need more than good looks and popularity, but over-all personality excellence. And this is where charisma enters.

Charisma is more than just the attractiveness of one’s physical appearance. Yes, it refers to an individual’s personal charm, but it doesn’t stop on his external features. You may not be as gorgeous as the models on magazines and TV commercials, and yet be the darling of the crowd. Your physical deficiencies (like shortness in height, chubbiness, super light/dark complexion, etc.) should never bother you in any way, because as long as you have charisma, they will never be called deficiencies anymore.

The Encarta Dictionary (2006) refers charisma as “the ability to inspire enthusiasm, interest, or affection in others by means of personal charm or influence.” Hence, it is more than just physical beauty. Charisma includes the appropriate handling of one’s self, proper attitude, practicality, sociability, environmental consciousness, and spiritual awareness among others. Therefore, enhancing charisma is like a total personality makeover – bringing out the person others can’t see in you.

Take note: We do not want to learn how to acquire charisma, but how to enhance it, because each one of us already possesses personal charm within ourselves. Some of us just haven’t developed it fully yet, still left hidden inside. Hence, what should be done is to actually unleash charisma from within, expose it to the outside world, and make use of it.

The power of charisma can do wonders. It can change you from an ordinary to an extraordinary person in no time!


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