Types of Meditation

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Types of Meditation


There are various kinds of meditation. One is Kabbalah meditation. The adherents say that it helps you to be peaceful, increases your happiness, and makes you more aware. This type of meditation is more than two thousand years old. Kabbalah was restricted to men more than forty years of age and people of certain classes until the 16th century. But these days it isn’t restricted so that any interested party can learn and practice Kabbalah meditation.

The concept of this meditation is like others in that it is about relaxing and achieving an improved life through its practice. Adherents believe that through it every negative emotion can be banished from the practitioner’s body, soul, and mind, using mind over matter does this. There are two elementary levels of this meditation: practical and theoretical. The people that deal mostly with the theoretical are rabbis that are trying to get closer to god. The practical ones use it to perform exorcisms. Still, it is also a practice that people use to make their daily life better.


Jose Silva created this kind of meditation during the 1940′s. It is said that it can improve your I.Q. It was originally name Silva Mind Control, which lead people to think it was about controlling other people’s minds, but it is about controlling your own mind. The philosophy of Silva meditation is that the viewpoint of the individual concerning the world effects how that person experiences his surroundings. It says that a person can create their experience from their attitude so that when a negative one is changed it causes that person’s experience of the world to change. It says that our mind power can create the world we want.

Silva thought that most people only use the logical part of their brain and by teaching them to use the creative part people could utilize this mostly unused right side of their brain to capture the power that isn’t usually used. This method gives people a toolkit to use for different situations in life. For example, teaching them how-to quit smoking without an aid like the patch or to overcome insomnia without a drug.

Many times guided meditation is utilized to help the meditators learn these new skills that go into their toolkit. This bit-by-bit method helps them to acquire the new skill, which is a different response to a problem.

Silva meditation engenders medical benefits for the practitioner, which is a relaxed state of mind that is very deep. The state where the meditator’s brain waves are at 8 to13 Hz has several health benefits such as lowering cholesterol and making more blood go to the brain. Proponents say that they are ill less-as much as fifty percent and use medication less as much as sixty-percent. This is once they know the Silva method and use it.

Another aspect of the Silva meditation technique is controlling dreams. It is called lucid dreaming. Some of the adherents have said that they have learned of allergies while in a lucid dream state.

Jane Michael is the head writer at the Center for Meditation. Goals of Meditation is a great way to start your meditation practice.Read about amazing Types of Meditation here.

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