Trying Relaxation Therapy to Help With Depression

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Trying Relaxation Therapy to Help With Depression

Relaxation therapy is another, though a bit controversial, method for curing or fighting depression. Even though it does not eliminate depression completely, it still has been noted to diminish some of the most difficult to deal with and confused feelings of a depression afflicted person. While some health care providers doubt the positive effect of implementing this method, others are willing to try any method which can bring their patients even a momentary relief. Relaxation therapy technique cannot replace antidepressant medication treatment. Nonetheless, it can be used for augmenting the feeling of strength and contentment, lifting up the veil of depression in a person’s mind. If done properly, relaxation therapy can be useful.

First of all, let us take a look at the process. People, ready to begin their first relaxation therapy session, have to find a quiet, semi dark place for it. For, they do not want to be distracted either by light or by noise. They also are recommended to put on some more comfortable and loose fitting clothes. The best suggested position for relaxation therapy is either sitting or lying down. When all the above mentioned preparations are done, you should close your eyes, put your hands on your chest and breathe slowly. While breathing softly, feel your chest gently moving up and down beneath your hands. After practicing these breathing techniques for a few minutes, you may move on to the next procedure. Keeping on breathing deeply, place your hands on your lap palms down.

Then start picturing a place. It can be any place, a beach, your favorite room, a site seen by you on a photo or some place from your childhood experience. The main thing is that you have to feel relaxed there. Once you select the place, picture yourself there. Think about how good you feel being in that place. Go on establishing that thought in your mind. Spend some time visiting this special place and enjoying it. Finally, think about returning from that place, though, with the prospect of coming back there anytime you want.

At this point the relaxation therapy session is over. It provides people with the special place to relax at and to feel renewed. All you need to do to return there is to find a quiet corner, where you can sit down, close your eyes and relax. The best thing about relaxation therapy is that you need no one’s help in telling you when or where to relax. You can do it whenever you want to.

Relaxation therapy does not help everyone. Some health care providers believe that those who suffer from sever depression will gain no benefits from it at all. If they discover they cannot actually get to their special place in the real life, they will become even more depressed. On the other hand, many people suffering from depression find relaxation technique useful for improving their mood. In this case, anything that brings improvements can be welcomed.


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