Try Self Confidence Hypnosis To Change How You Feel About Yourself

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Try Self Confidence Hypnosis To Change How You Feel About Yourself

A person who has experienced some measure of success in life may balk at the idea of self confidence hypnosis. If one is quite comfortable with his own abilities, then why rock the boat, so to speak. This belief may exactly be the reason for that person to take a second look at himself.

As actively promoted by its proponents, self confidence hypnosis may be helpful to those who have fears in these common scenarios: public speaking, socializing with people or going to job interviews. Immediately, a person who may be intrigued by hypnosis but don’t believe that he has self confidence issues may be convinced that he has no use for it. The fact is, self confidence hypnosis is not just limited to overcoming anxiety in speaking to large crowds.

Self confidence, as distinguished from self-esteem, is the belief in one’s ability or capacity to do something. To put it in another way, even if one has confidence in one thing, it does not necessarily follow that he has confidence in all things. A person who has no qualms in selling his new idea in the boardroom or in persuading his case to a hostile jury may doubt himself when it comes to haggling for the best price in buying a car or in any other situation that he is not usually accustomed to be in. After all, Nobody is perfect in every single area in his life; although it might not be crippling the person outright, he may do better if he opens to the possibilities of what self confidence hypnosis can do to him.

Most people also have past experiences that could have shaken their confidence at some point. This could be an embarrassing situation in school, a major gaffe in their first job or a car accident caused by his negligence.

Others may have had painful childhood traumas such as being told they were not beautiful or capable enough or that they should not even try something because they would only fail at it. Self-professed confident people may proudly say that they have gotten over these things by shrugging them off or pushing them out of their minds. However, while they may have had pushed them out of their conscious minds these are still very much taking residence in their subconscious minds. These beliefs would then, unbeknownst to them, rear its ugly head in the way they make decisions or behave. The only way they can take control of these negative beliefs is to extract them out of their subconscious mind and have it replaced by positive ideas. Self confidence hypnosis can certainly address this type of issue.

Another example of one’s confidence being shaken are those times when life throws him a curve ball and he is put into a situation that he needs to adjust to, but may not know exactly how. It may be during the period when one is laid off, for instance, or when one needs to relocate to a new and unfamiliar place or country or in any situation when one is taken out of his comfort zone. Some may cope easily; others, although confident in other areas, may find these changes daunting.

Lastly, there are those milestones in life that most people go through. This can be a marriage, divorce, birth of a child or loss of loved ones. Major adjustments may be needed to go through these milestones and many often find themselves at a loss on how to proceed and would start to second-guess themselves. They may be pleased to find that there is such a thing as self confidence hypnosis that can help them sail through all these changes.

Rachel Ford is a Clinical Hypnotherapist who helps people create powerful and permanent changes in the way they think, feel and behave. Pop over to and claim your FREE hypnosis recording to help you achieve self confidence and accomplish your goals.

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