Tips to Develop Weight Loss Motivation!

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Tips to Develop Weight Loss Motivation!

Pinning a fat picture to your refrigerator, weighing yourself regularly and keeping a food diary to add up the calories for the day may motivate some people but these weight loss motivation tips do not help everyone.

One of the main reasons is because motivation has to come from inside of you not some external source.  The common tips above may spark motivation but for others it has to be deeper than that.

You are the one that decides to eat big portions or eat cookies or eat too much etc so you have got to find a good reason to change those habits.

A lot of people gain motivation when they associate their physical and emotional conditions when they eat bad unhealthy foods.  Once you start paying attention to how unhealthy food really affects you you see how damaging it can be.

The bad foods taste great to you while you are eating them but think about how you feel 30 mins after you have eaten them or 2 hours after you have eaten them etc.  Emotional you probably feel depressed and you feel guilty that you have no will power to stick to your weight loss plan.

And physically is your food doing the job it’s supposed to do, providing you with energy? After the initial sugar high your sugar levels crash and your energy level plummets.  Your body starts crave more of the bad foods to compensate which could cause you to eat more.  Hours later or the next day you usually feel bloated and sluggish.

Internal reflection is a key motivator you should give it a try if the common weight loss motivation tips don’t resonate with you.

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