Tips to Achieve Whiter Clearer Eyes

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Tips to Achieve Whiter Clearer Eyes

OK! So I wasn’t really finished addressing how to achieve Whiter and Clearer looking eyes. I still have a few tips stored in my book of secrets including a product recommendation…Well, not a secret book anymore as I am sharing now.

I am a contact lens wearer which in some cases like mine will add to eye redness. Several years ago when I was at the Ophthalmologist (Harvard Grad…Credibility?), I asked him what to do about my dry, red eyes that seem to get much worse when I wear my contacts. He told me to purchase Allergan Relief and use it no more than 4x a day. Allergan Relief does the job on two different levels. Relief will not only clear my red eyes but will also deliver moisture that is necessary for my eyes to feel comfortable.

Vitamins are necessary for general eye health. I am not going to recommend any specific eye vitamins (although plenty on the market and more appearing daily). I believe that plenty of foods that we eat are a fabulous source for the vitamins and minerals needed for good eye health which will in turn give you whiter appearing eyes. Did you mother ever tell you that carrots are good for your eyes? True story…Look for vitamins A, B2, C, E and minerals Selenium and Zinc.

Try lining your eyes with Deep Blue and/or use a midnight blue mascara and use violets and deeper blues for shadows. Make sure that you use deep hues of blues as baby blues and pale aqua’s will not accomplish the task.

THROW AWAY your mascara after 3 months and your Eyeliners after 6 months. Old Eye Product are a huge source of eye infections which oftentimes go un-detected. Make sure that you do not put your fingers on or in any eye product that you put directly on your eye.

I think I’ve shared my BEST now! Hopefully you will be looking in the mirror at beautiful Clear whiter and brighter eyes.

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