Three Keys to Working Miracles in Your Life

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Three Keys to Working Miracles in Your Life

There are three keys to working miracles in your life. Understand these three keys and you can begin to unlock your true potential as a spiritual being. The three keys to working miracles in your life are as follows:

1 – Recognise Your True Identity

You are not merely a human being, but a spiritual being. And you are not merely a spiritual being, but an aspect of what many traditions call God. Yes, when all is said and done our position is that you are God!

This understanding is an essential key to working miracles in your life, but it is one which many people have a problem with. This is because few people truly understand the nature of God, and so claiming to be God is seen as something blasphemous.

Contrary to popular opinion, God is not a cosmic Santa Claus who sits on a giant throne making a note of whether you are naughty or nice. God is the energy which makes all things possible.

Everything in this universe, be it a human being, a rock on the sea shore or a television set, is made up of molecules. Break these molecules down to their smallest components and all you have is pure energy. This is a scientific fact which any quantum physicist would be happy to confirm.

This means that, in effect, all that exists is energy. And since this energy is God, all things are God. Some items, such as a rock on the sea shore, are less conscious of their nature than others, but all things exist thanks to the energy which is God.

Saying that you are God does not, therefore, set you above everyone else and make you bent on achieving global domination. All it does is help you remember that everything in the universe is God, and that you, being a part of the universe, are God as well.

The seat you are sitting on is God. This screen you are looking at is God.  The hand that rests on your computer mouse is God. You are God. Your goldfish is God. Your next door neighbour (like him or not) is God.

This is why almost all great spiritual leaders urged us to treat everything around us with respect: because everything is a part of the whole called God. 

We are all part of the universe – which literally means one song.  We are all musical notes in the one song, and no individual note is less important than the others. We are all God.
2 – Know that Limitations are Illusions

For a long time, people thought that the world was flat.  This was a false limitation which had no basis in reality, but still made people avoid taking long journeys just in case they fell off the horizon! In the same way, many of the limitations you believe in are false and are restricting your life experience.

For example, you may believe that you have no talent to speak of. You would be wrong. Every single human being has at least one talent waiting to be developed, but unless you stop believing in your limitation you will never have enough confidence to try new things and actually find that talent.

In the same way, you may believe that money is scarce. If you believe in this limitation then you will never experience a state of wealth and financial prosperity. The fact is that money is everywhere. Believe that to be so and you will experience it. You will find money in the street. Other people will give you money ‘out of the blue’. A new job will be offered to you. It may manifest itself in any number of ways, but as soon as you believe in abundance, money will go out of its way to get into your hands!

By consciously affirming that you are God, limitations become silly. God has no limitations, therefore you have no limitations. All you need to do is learn how to start working with your latent God-Power in a deliberate, focused manner. Once you have done that, you will see the limitations in your life for what they are – mere illusions – and the miraculous will become commonplace.

3 – Know that Emotion is God-Power

Emotion is, when all is said and done, Energy in Motion. In other words, emotion is God-Power at work.

Some people let their emotions rule them. They burst into tears at the slightest thing. They feel constantly confused and ‘out of their depth’ in a variety of situations. This discomfort is caused because they are not in control of the power of emotion, but are swept to and fro like a reed in a hurricane.

A few people, however, understand the true power of emotion, and experience miracles on a daily basis. These are people who have learned to control the hurricane and actually use it to help them achieve their goals.

If a person deliberately develops the emotion of being rich, he will begin to think, talk and act like he is rich. He will know on an intuitive level that he is already rich. The end result is that he will become rich.

If a person deliberately develops the emotions of being happy, he will begin to think, talk and act like he is happy. He will therefore begin to experience happiness automatically.

Emotion is an awesome power which, when handled properly as we will explain in future posts, is absolutely unstoppable. It is something which can guarantee you the life of your dreams.

Applying The Three Keys

1 – Let the fact that you are God sink deep into your consciousness. Look at everything around you and realise that everything is just energy. How does this way of looking at the world make you feel?

2 – Be aware of any limitations you believe in, then set about getting rid of them. As a spiritual being nothing is impossible for you! Nothing! Once you realise this and accept it, you are ready to start working some real miracles!

3 – Start to use your emotions deliberately. If you are depressed, start developing the emotion of happiness. If you are financially lacking, start developing the emotion of being wealthy. If you feel tense or worried, start developing the emotion of being happy and joyful.

Cassandra Whiteley writes about the secrets that enable you to live your life on your own terms. Learn to unleash the power within you and create a life of vitality, wealth, success and romance by visiting her Create Good Things blog at

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