This Hidden Technique Cures Pain

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This Hidden Technique Cures Pain

To give you a brief understanding of what this technique is, its a form of acupressure of Chinese medicine but with modern technology and science added in to help suppressed memories that free emotional blocks in areas of the body, be it your knee or your mind. It’s all in the tapping of important areas of the body.

I’ve come across this a couple times now, the first time it was after listening to Dr. Joe Vitales The Missing Secret & Perhaps even The Secret to Attracting Money. He later sent me an e-mail about this new EFT movie he was in, I bought it and never paid too much attention after watching it the first time.

But as time went on I also bought Kevin Treadu’s newest audio program. He recommended the Callahan Technique and the Gary Craig Technique which is a technique where you tap certain areas of your body when your feeling down, sick, in pain – wallowing in shadow I’d like to call it. Just bad emotions you know?

Well I knew about some of this technique before he talked about it, but it motivated me to look at it again. This technique is absolutely essential for using the Laws of Attraction correctly. The hole point to the Laws of Attraction is… You get what you give out. If your always feeling down and in pain, it’s hard to feel good. So instead of receiving good feelings back, you continue your cycle of depressed energy. So what this does is everytime you feel down, you use this EFT technique and it will lower the intensity of the cause – also actually get to the root cause of this pain or depression (or whatever) and really begin to heal what ever that ales you.

Like they say in the movie EFT – The Emotional Freedom Technique – Try It On Everything, if you can have a traumatic experience and damage yourself your mind, in a couple seconds why can’t we heal ourselves in hours or days? Again this IS recommended for the best uses of the secret and/or the laws of attraction. There is many reasons I saw not to use this technique, I saw it maybe something that would increase awareness of this “Bad” situation and thus create more like minded attractions.

But it uncovers layer after layer of emotions until it gets to the root of your real problem whatever it maybe. In the new movie Try It On Everything it shows real people getting to the root of their problems and removing them! It has shown that it works on extreme back pain. It’s absolutely amazing really.

There is so many people I’d like to see try to use this technique but many people find it funny or not needed. Well I thought that too, but I continue to use it less and less and feel more and more excited about life, I finally realize the absolute importance that this technique provides people in pain! Pain, in any form or manifestation.

Something amazing happens in life, this technique. Is one of them. If you have any belief of the Laws of Attraction or just really want to try something that can help with elongated pain or suffering in your life, this is the very technique for you to start feeling better, living healthier and activating more of those attractions you wish to see!

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique. Is essential to all. You’ll see what I mean when you get the chance to look further into this study and try it for yourself.

Nathan Scheer is a alternative researcher, author, affiliate marketer and blog owner: To view a FREE video summary on EFT please visit: EFT – Try It On Everything or visit my alternative blog at

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