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If you have been in the online dating world for any time at all, you’ve seen that there are literally dozens and dozens of online dating books but which one is right for you? Some are free and some cost a few bucks but the biggest problem I have seen is that most of them fill there pages with fluff and not really concrete information that helps you do what you are looking to do, which is get quality women to respond to your posts and ads and get you out on fun and exciting dates.

The solution to this problem is the online dating book, “The Recipe: Everything you need to know to get women online” and it sets itself apart by being written from hundreds of real life experiences, tried and true techniques that work and is extremely detailed in every aspect from beginning in online dating to being out on successful dates to filling up your social calendar with dynamic, exciting and attractive women.

The first reason it is effective is each item in the book was written from real life experiences. Literally thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in front of the screen on dating sites and out in the field with women have been spent in order to come up with the tips, tricks and secrets for a complete system and is your guide for successful online dating. The trial and error and guesswork have already been done for you so you can spend more time using these effective strategies that work rather than wasting your time from things that other less valuable online dating books tell you to do.

A lot of other books use hypothetical examples and general suggestions that aren’t really specific to you. The Recipe shows you step by step how to take your personality and real life experiences and make you extremely interesting and attractive to women that are looking for you and for women that you are looking for. You will become a much better dater after reading this online dating book and using these techniques.

The second reason is all of the techniques have been tried, tested and used extensively and they work. Every technique in the book has a significant chance of getting you out on successful dates and will get you the type of woman you are looking for.

Let’s face it; there is a lot of really bad dating advice on the internet. I personally think that 90% of what I have read about online dating is actually counterproductive to being successful in online dating! The Recipe has gathered a huge amount of information from a large number of sources and the techniques have been proven to work and have been all brought together in this one of a kind online dating book.

The third reason is it is extremely detailed. There is no fluff. Every item in the book has been examined and re-examined for quality. From creating the right frame, to grounding techniques to learning how to take a woman’s clothes off, each item is fully explained in extreme detail.

There is no other book on the market that has as much intimate detail into every aspect of online dating and successful dating techniques. There are entire chapters dedicated to items that other online dating books barely cover. Also, the other books remain very generic in their descriptions of what you should be doing. You won’t find that in The Recipe.

Everything is clearly defined, explained fully and this is the main reason you can spend minutes to refine your techniques instead of spending hours reading other books that just don’t work and wondering why you aren’t getting the results you want in order to successful attract quality women with online dating.

From the real life experiences, online dating techniques that work and its extreme detail, The Recipe is the best online dating book on the market and is the best resource for men trying to become successful in online dating. It turns bad daters into good daters and good daters into great daters. I highly recommend this online dating book for any man serious about creating an exciting dating life, becoming successful with online dating and attracting quality women.

Renowned online dating expert, AT, is the founder & CEO of and has been an author and online dating coach for years. His book, “The Recipe” has become of staple in the online dating community. To get your copy PLUS a FREE copy of “The 10 Dating MYTHS Men Fall Victim To” visit TODAY!

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