The Secrets Of Business Success – How To Improve Productivity By Motivation

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The Secrets Of Business Success – How To Improve Productivity By Motivation

Vercingetorix, perhaps the model for Asterix the Gaul, was the last of the Gauls to succumb to Caesar.  Based in the Auvergne, he and his army kept the mighty Roman Empire at bay even after the rest of Gaul had fallen. At Gergovie he fought and beat Caesar’s army but the battle was not decisive. Caesar pulled back and Vercingetorix and his men headed off to their stronghold at Alesie. Eventually Caesar followed after having called for reinforcements. But this time Caesar did not play Vercingetorix’s game, they simply waited until the troops inside the stronghold ran out of food.

So what has a tussle that took place 2000 years ago got to do with Management in the 21st century? Astute managers can learn valuable lessons from both leaders.

The First Lesson – the Success of Vercingetorix

How was this provincial chief able to hold at bay the then mighty forces of the Roman Empire? The answer was motivation. Vercingetorix’s men were motivated by adrenaline and adventure. They were also well trained in the art of warfare; perhaps not as well trained or disciplined as the Roman Army but they were able to more than hold their own given the situation of the battle. Each man had his role and the army of Vercingetorix worked as a team.

The second Lesson – the Failure of Vercingetorix

He and his men became complacent and thought they had succeeded in shaking off Caesar, they went back to where they felt comfortable and safe and that lead to their downfall.

The Third Lesson – the Success of Caesar

After tasting defeat, Caesar reflected on why they had been defeated and developed an alternative strategy which ultimately led to success. He used creative thinking to solve the problem.

The world of business is like a battle, but thankfully less bloody! A company whose staff is motivated to defend their patch of the market will usually succeed but how can you motivate them best. Remember, one of the key motivational features of the army of the Gauls was motivated by adventure and adrenaline so it follows that the same methods will work today. Choose motivational events that involve one or both of these motivators. Send them into battle on a medieval themed day. Pit teams against each other on a city-wide treasure hunt or with a giant slot racing car track. Or perhaps re-create the era of the cold war with a spy themed event. Basically, there is plenty of choice out there, but you need to be as astute as Caesar or Vercingetorix if you are to choose the right one. Just make sure that your choice is something inclusive … a wet weekend navigating around a cold wet moor in the dark, reaching pennants in trees and crossing rivers with only a tyre, cane and piece of string to help will de-motivate most effectively!

Learn also from Caesar’s success, watch the competition, adapt and develop your business strategies. Motivate and train to surround yourself with the best people. Use corporate events with an element of challenge and problem solving for motivation; make sure your staff is well trained on the telephone, your products, your computer systems. Run training and team building events regularly, the world’s most successful corporations do and not just to spend money, it all has a purpose. Make sure that you vary the themes. Your staff will then become so used to creative thinking, communication and interacting in different situations that it becomes habit.

So learn from these two great historical leaders, motivate, train and adapt for business success.

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