The Rapid Development Of Automated Medical Device Companies Should Root Out The Market

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The Rapid Development Of Automated Medical Device Companies Should Root Out The Market

Medical device industry is a multidisciplinary, knowledge-intensive, capital-intensive high-tech industry, is the world’s fastest growing, trade one of the most active industries. Output value of China’s medical equipment industry since the 20th century, has maintained since the 90′s rapid growth, the average growth rate has remained at 12% -15% level. According to the medical device industry “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” is expected in 2010 total output value of China’s medical device industry will reach 100 billion yuan.

Analysis of the Global Medical Device Industry

In the new century, the global medical device export market continued to enlarge, even in the case of the financial crisis Silue, from January to November 2009, also reached 170.487 billion U.S. dollars. It is understood that, in 2007, the global medical device market volume reached 300 billion U.S. dollars, about 340 billion U.S. dollars of trade turnover and import trade of about 170 billion U.S. dollars, the market average growth rate of 7%, a huge market space.

Affected by the economic crisis in 2009, the EU demand for imports fell by 4 percentage points, the main source of imports for the United States, Switzerland, China, Japan and other countries, of which China accounted for 8.35% market share, an increase of 2.1%. The remaining countries had declined.

As the world’s second largest import market, U.S. demand fell by 5 percentage points in 2009 only reached 27.185 billion U.S. dollars. Because the markets are more scattered, not forming a unipolar situation, Mexico, Ireland, Germany, China, Japan, plays a major market, accounting for 60% import market. China is the fourth-largest import trade partner of the United States, 9% of the market share in 2009, imports from China increased by 5%.

In 2009, the Japanese import demand essentially flat, down 0.59%, the U.S. accounted for the major market share as high as 36%. China is the third largest trading partner, imports from China increased by 7.26%, 9% market share.

Data show that Europe, America and Japan is the world’s top three medical device market. Chinese market share of 7%, average annual growth rate of 18%, with a strong domestic market and the fast-growing export market, as the most growth potential of the country. Reached 22,666 in 2009, exports reached 12.24 billion U.S. dollars. Chinese Medicine & Health Products Import and Export Chamber of Commerce Cao Gang, deputy director of the Department said that in the future, China’s medical device industry, the correlation with the international market will be higher.

Statistics show that in January 2010, China’s medical equipment exports amounted to 954.809 million U.S. dollars, up 10.73%, a record high.

Status of Medical Devices Industry

China’s medical equipment industry from small to large, rapid development, has become a relatively complete product innovation capabilities continue to increase, the market demand is very strong in the sunrise industry. Especially in recent years, medical device industry to further accelerate the pace of development, not only to maintain double-digit growth in value for many years, and export volume and technological level is rising.

With the international industry and spur the transfer, China will become an important global medical equipment manufacturing base, part of the original dependent on imported equipment is made gradually replace imported. Meanwhile, there are many provinces and cities to the domestic medical equipment industry as a new economic growth points, to cultivate the. Experts point out that the next ten to fifteen years, China’s medical equipment industry will enter a rapid development stage.

According to the latest data show that the departments concerned, in 2009, the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Bohai Bay to lead the industry cluster development, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Fujian, Beijing, Shandong, Liaoning, Hubei and Tianjin, the provinces rank in the top 10 exports, which exports of Guangdong Province reached 28.82, accounting for 23.54%, among the best.

At the same time, we should also see the domestic high-end medical equipment is basically the product has been firmly hold multinational corporations, China’s medical equipment industry foundation is weak, medical supervision of a late start, a small medical device companies, and more, casual and low- level of competition, the phenomenon still has not been a fundamental change, and improve the medical equipment industry in China’s technological innovation capability, strengthen the medical device research and development of industry, academia, research association, has become a top priority. How to avoid the vicious, to play the internal strengths to enhance the competitiveness of many manufacturers thought.

Automated business business opportunities

The rapid development of medical device industry, to other related industries brought great opportunities. In these many opportunities, the opportunities for greater automation of business entry point. More and more medical manufacturers sights on automation and standardization of production line with international standards, recognized that automation and standardization of the enterprise, can become the winners of The Secret.

At present, China’s pharmaceutical enterprises automation, information technology varies, and only very few companies have reached a certain level of process automation, most enterprises still remain in the single automated device control stage. And foreign pharmaceutical companies in developed countries in particular, have achieved the level of integrated automation, pharmaceutical companies must maintain a high level of process automation to ensure the safety of drug production, reliable and consistent information about the safety of drugs, precision , integrity, record, store, back, get.

Rockwell Automation Manager, Miss Zhu Ying pharmaceutical industry, said the level of automation, life science industry (especially pharmaceutical and bio-chemical engineering) is a typical mixed-type industry, which processes pre-processing section which often includes a process control and batch processing, post-processing is often mechanical and electrical integration of discrete control and motion control. In the information level, the life science industry is regulated in the field, each country has extremely strict laws and regulations need to comply with the regulation.

Automated system, operatives from the structure of process to obtain information; maintenance workers from the physical location of the structure to identify resources; control structure of computer system engineers can determine the system working state. Access to information in a timely manner will greatly shorten the decision time, ensure quality, increase productivity, increase efficiency, take the initiative to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

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