The Principles of Money Consciousness That Can Change Your Life

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The Principles of Money Consciousness That Can Change Your Life

People at times shun themselves from using the term money however they associate it with maximum of their prosperity, wealth and abundance issues and it happens so because of our shallow knowledge and understanding of and about money. We have tackled the recent debt-situations through help and support from various debt settlement companies and credit card debt consolidation programs but unless we change our entire mindset, lifestyle and attitude towards money we will be far from realizing the actual financial problems and the solution areas. According to the theory of money consciousness, money tend to flow to people who have an awareness, who have clarity, who have an alignment or a vibration to what they say and want to do, be and have in life. Money flows to people who are inspired; as money is simply an energy form which flows to another energy form that is similar to it. Now, understanding that form is followed by a conscious thought process and inspired action.

Another principle of money consciousness states about the nature’s character of filling up the vacuum or void whenever the needs arise. Thus, whenever there is a void or emptiness in nature, nature simply rushes to fill it. The tide goes out and then comes back in; that is simply an illustration of nature filling a void. So when we tie this concept with money it becomes very interesting, most people when it comes to money refuse to create a Vacuum. Now this step would be followed by our conscious and well-calculated step of deciding and prioritizing our financial goals and purposes in life. Most of us are often confused and lost about our financial goals and purposes in life. This let us end up making wrong decisions mainly because we fail to realize our true callings, desires or requirements. In that case one should take a pen and a paper for jotting down all the deepest desires and financial dreams that one wants to fulfill as the same will not only keep the person focused to the goals but will also show the proper path to reach the desired destiny. Another principle of money consciousness states the importance of gratitude and gratefulness to every tangible and non-tangible source which helped us to receive and achieve our financial strengths or goals. Thus as we expand our gratitude towards the ever-expanding universe, it multiplies our wealth as well with our increased expression of gratitude. As we feel grateful for whatever we got and keep getting, we imbibe the positive vibes and prosperity signals in our life which enhances our abundance manifold. Money consciousness also let us become financially optimistic and progressive which further motivates us to maximize our current supply of income; both passive and active though honesty, hard work and intelligence.

More than any theory or ideals money consciousness preaches the perfect balance between money and our conscience and emphasizes the fine line that distinguish our greed for money and our gratitude and goodness; we must respect and maintain this fine line of money-consciousness.

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