The Positive and Negative Effects of Anger

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The Positive and Negative Effects of Anger

Anger is often viewed by the public as a feeling related to evil. However, it is actually an innate feeling that every individual feels once in a while. Although religious groups claimed that this feeling is due to evil, it is a person’s normal reaction when threatened, hurt or offended. No one can escape this feeling; even small children become angry from time to time.

Moderately expressing anger can be good for a person in different ways. One benefit of expressing your anger is that it allows other individuals to immediately know how you really feel. Since you are already addressing the problem, it is much faster to get various solutions.

In recent studies, experts were able to prove that aside from being able to help solve problems, anger is also able to help angry people to communicate with other more effectively. Moderate expression of anger can also help an individual to indulge himself or herself in activism and improve their physical health. Individuals who moderately express their anger are also known to succeed in their workplace.

But once anger gets out of hand, then, many problems may also arise. People who are unable to control or manage their anger often develop different types of ailments like hypertension and high blood pressure. And according to various studies, people who are not able to handle their rage may less likely develop depression.

Anger may indeed help build relationships. However, once it is overused, it can definitely leave any relationship damaged beyond repair. Couples who fight too often and hurt each other physically and emotionally end up divorcing.

Most of the time, a mismanaged anger can also lead to self-harm and violence towards oneself or others. Bullying, dispassion, evasiveness, threatening, unjustly blaming, vengeance and ineffectualness are common types of anger can ruin oneself and leave others physically and emotionally abused.

So make sure to always control your anger. If you are starting to experience difficulty in handling your rage, then it will be helpful to practice yoga or meditation. Both of these techniques are able to help people find inner peace and handle their problems and anger constructively.

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The author is a health care specialist that deals studies on the subject of alternative medicine.

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