The Newest Nutritional Trend: The Acai Berry

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The Newest Nutritional Trend: The Acai Berry

The remarkable acai berry comes to us from Central and South America. Relatively high in antioxidants, this berry has generated a devoted following. Calcium, omega fatty acids, and protein along with high levels of vitamin A are all available within this little powerhouse.

The berry is actually a drupe. Similar to an apricot, it has a large seed surrounded by a thin layer of flesh. The tree comes from a palm tree long-harvested for its heart. It is within this flesh that the acai berry stores its nutrients.

You can find acai berry products everywhere it seems. From juices to powders and capsules, the berry pops up in just about anything. Even television personalities promote the benefits of acai. It can all seem overwhelming.

Regardless of all the hype, medical studies indicate that the antioxidants available in the acai berry are useful in fighting some types of free radicals. The freeze-dried version seems to be higher in at least one antioxidant that combats peroxyl radicals.

When looking for an acai berry product, know your supplier. There are a remarkable number of fly-by-night companies online that want to make a profit. Before you spend your money, check out their credentials.

One of the best questions to ask is what percent of the product you are purchasing actually comes from acai berries. Find out how the product is processed, stored and shipped. You don’t want to spend a lot of money for something that has only a passing acquaintance with the acai and has been mishandled to the point of uselessness.

Including acai berry products in your diet may very well help you improve your heart health. The fiber, antioxidants and healthy fats are a powerful combination. As always you should talk with your physician before you add acai products to your regimen, especially if you take medications for any condition.

Acai berries are the fruit of a palm tree found in South and Central America. Similar to a date, these fruits have a large central seed and a pulpy outer layer. It is within the pulp that all the benefits exist.


As we all know, antioxidants may be one of the most powerful cancer fighters available in nature. The acai fruit is a rich source of numerous antioxidants. Anthocyanins as well as a dozen different flavonoid-like compounds are among the beneficial ingredients found in both the juice and freeze-dried samples of acai. The antioxidant properties are noticeable in the blood within two hours of ingestion.

Inhibiting COX-1 and COX-2

Freeze dried acai berry power has been shown to have some ability to inhibit the production and effects of COX-1 and COX-2. These enzymes are strongly related to early cancer diagnoses and only turn up in mutant cells.

Additional research displayed that the same power was capable of reducing the production of experimental leukemia cells. This research is promising for people who have a family based tendency for the disease as a possible source of preventative medicine.

Heart Health

Acai berries are high in natural fiber and mono-unsaturated fats and also contain oleic acid. Combined with their shot of protein, these little fruits are a powerhouse of cardiac nutrition. Already well-favored by athletes, amateur and professional, acai’s popularity is quickly spreading to the masses. Adding acai to a regimen of heart healthy exercise and eating may produce even better results.

With the increasing interest in acai it is especially important to purchase your products from a reliable source. Scams abound as people try to cash in on this new trend. Buy acai products only from reputable websites and take the time to find out what percent of your purchase actually comes from the berry.

Acai berry is the newest of grails in the search for nutrition. With such a focus on the little fruit, figuring out where to buy acai berry products isn’t easy. It seems like everyone is ready to push their new scam on you, and you can’t possibly wade through all the offers around.

Traditionally used as much for its hearts and leaves, the acai palm is now primarily harvested for the berry’s potential benefits. Rapidly growing trees, they produce two crops of berries each year.

When you head online to look at acai berry product try to remember that no matter what claims are being made, you need to look at the research. Research indicates that the acai berry has reasonable levels of antioxidants, fiber and numerous nutritional elements.

It is shown in some studies to be effective in preventing the growth of experimental leukemia cells and against some of the inflammatory enzymes associated with early cancer. That said, it isn’t capable of defying scientific knowledge and performing all the remarkable things it is currently touted for

If you chose to buy your acai products online use a reputable distributor. If their claims seem outrageous, they are. Acai stands quite well on its own abilities. It won’t make you thin overnight, neither will it cure anything specific on its own.

It is a good supplement for a healthy diet and has many beneficial components. Find a site that is honest, lets you know exactly what is in their products and has a reasonable customer service policy.

Ask what percentage of the product comes from the acai berry and find out how it was processed. Why pay for 5% acai juice suspended in blueberry juice? You aren’t going to get the benefits of acai. Taking the time to research your provider will give you peace of mind and help ensure your satisfaction with your purchase.

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