The Most Common Law of Attraction Mistakes

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The Most Common Law of Attraction Mistakes

I want to personally greet you and say hello! My name is Randy Naimo. I used to be a steel worker and was injured on the job. I lost my home and woman. I lived in a tent for some months on the beach at Hammonassett State Park in Madison Connecticut. While I was there I was struggling to finish my paralegal schooling. I lost my home right before the last few weeks of school.

One night in my tent, I looked up at the stars and decided this would be as low as I go. Little did I realize that the law of attraction was with me. I had unequivocally made the choice to succeed. Things started to change. This is the first lesson. Make up your mind for change. You must believe within your inner being things will change. However slowly they will change for you.

Patience is the second lesson. You cannot expect things to happen immediately. This is a known fact. Do people experience immediate results with manifestation. Yes, but that is not the normal time frame. The more patient you become the better you can work the law of attraction in your favor. Getting upset and frustrated will only hurt you energy not help it.

I understand this is easier said than done BUT that one key separates the top five percent from the rest. Never Give Up, no matter what and It Will Happen For You! Sometimes you are tested in your belief by bad circumstances. Brush them off and soldier on.

I believe this is the problem most people have with the law of attraction and making it work for them. One thing i always say is if you can believe you will achieve. I feel that one personality trait is what sets apart the top 5 percent in this country. The law of attraction works for them, even if they don’t believe in it. They believed in themselves. Ego sometimes gets in the way of facts, as we all have seen many times in our lives.

The last mistake and the hardest in my opinion to over come is the attitude of gratitude. I used to be very negative and hateful. That got me in a tent and homeless. Don’t make the same mistakes as I did. Be grateful for what you have. if you are reading this article, you have power and shelter if nothing else. There are many out there with less than what you have.

Everyone has to start somewhere so be grateful every single day for what you have. Once you can master that the law of attraction will follow naturally. Look for the signs the universe sends you. They are all around you. License plates, words on bill boards, anything that grabs your attention. Ponder the meaning to you, when possible. These things always tell you when you are on track.

I like it when I think of my favorite state, and then ten minutes later I see the license plate from there. That is, in my opinion, the universe telling me I will be back there soon! I love the law of attraction and I hope you visit my site and register for my free E-course on the law of attraction.

Thanks Again, you may call me toll free 888-210-5013 to learn about how I generate cash daily in the mail and tax free. A real dream come true! It does not get any better than that!

I embolden you with the power to make a positive change in your life, good luck and and much perseverance!

Randy Naimo

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