The Missing Ingredient to the Secret

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The Missing Ingredient to the Secret

You’ve heard about the Secret. You got excited by the law of attraction and by the idea that you could turn your life around an accomplish and achieve amazing things. You may have even bought the visualization tools or you may have started immediately trying to manifest what you want. Then it didn’t come to you and you got disappointed. Maybe you gave up on it. Maybe you keep trying harder and harder and still the results are not showing up. Or are they?

The manifestation process begins by visualizing what you want. This is the easy part. Even if you are not normally very imaginative, we all have the ability to see what we really want in life. Even something as simple as a leather coat or a nice watch.

The Universe will respond. It ALWAYS does. Right now, as you sit here and read this article, there are multiple things going on around you. Go outside your home and the number of things easily multiplies. Thousands of different little things are all going on. And they all make up the bigger picture. But, what do you choose to FOCUS on?

Think about it. When you are on a busy street and dozens of cars go by, do you pay attention to every single one? Probably not. You choose to focus on the ones you like or the ones that are a certain color or whatever you choose to look at. The same thing happens as you pay attention to the entire world around you. You can’t pay attention to everything, so you choose what to pay attention to.

Opportunity is everywhere. The opportunity to get what you want WILL appear to you. It’s up to YOU to DECIDE what to FOCUS on? No one else can do it for you. The missing ingredient is simply to choose your focus.

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Law of Attraction
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