The Law of Attraction, Bob Proctor and Vision Boards

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The Law of Attraction, Bob Proctor and Vision Boards

When Bob Proctor took part in the book and movie called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne back in 2006 he mentioned something that really cheered me and filled me with hope – vision boards.

You see, Bob was talking about the Law of Attraction and why people struggled with their lives and seemed to get bogged down and stuck with the whole process of manifesting their true wants and desires; that’s how and why he started talking about vision boards.
Bob Proctor actually uses a vision board himself, and because he truly believes in their power he is only too pleased to advise others to follow his lead and make one up themselves and use it on a daily basis to help spin that Law of Attraction right round into working with them instead of working against them.

Without sounding crass, if someone as highly regarded as Bob, says something about a subject that he has been a leading expert in dating right back to the late 1960′s, then it goes without saying that you should take good notice and grab his advice with two hands!
A vision board isn’t hard to make, in fact anyone can put together a simple and basic board within a few minutes, but the power that these boards can give is almost unbelievable; I talk from almost 20 years experience!

For anyone new to a vision board, once they try one for themselves they will never look back. A vision board works in such a way that when manifesting, it will walk you through the entire process that it will almost ensure your success. There are five steps to manifesting and vision boards make certain that each step is carried out in the right way to give great success and rewards.

The Law of Attraction is a very powerful law of the Universe, but approach it in the wrong way and despite all your true desires and aspirations; it will appear to respond with anything but what you want. This is how vision boards help you; they help you approach and ask the Law in the right way to get the right response.

So when Bob Proctor wrote in The Secret that he thinks that anyone stuck and struggling and not achieving all their dreams in life should turn to a vision board to help them, he knew that if they did, the Law of Attraction would respond accordingly and manifesting true desires would start to happen for them exactly how they had been hoping for.

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