The Law of Attraction and Want Versus Need

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The Law of Attraction and Want Versus Need

Let’s discuss the word ‘need’ opposed to ‘want’. Remember, it isn’t the word itself that you are avoiding, it is the feeling attached to the word. When you say that you ‘need’ to buy some groceries, use of the word isn’t going to affect your world by turning it upside down with ‘need’. It’s when you use the word ‘need’ in a sentence like this: I ‘need’ so much money that I don’t ever know how I will pay off these bills! When using the word ‘need’ with feeling attached, you are emphatically expressing what you don’t want to the Universe.

The Universe will act upon your feelings and your ‘don’t wants’ and bring to you exactly what you don’t want which in the example above is money.

When you have expressed such a strong feeling, do your best to change the sentence for yourself. “I may have bills but I know that they will be paid and that is what I ‘want’ so I will trust the Universe in bringing to me just that.”

Then…let it go and just trust the Law of Attraction to work for you. This can be applied to anything that you want to obtain.

Using the word ‘want’ seems to work well. When you tell the Universe that you want something from a positive standpoint, you will receive what you want. Be clear in your wants and concentrate on your ‘wants’ and not your ‘needs’. When you have one of those desperate moments and you bellow out what you need, try to turn it around into a want or desire. This can be done pretty easily and you will see that once you turn it into a positive, it will feel good. Here’s an example: “I want my car to work. I want a perfectly running car. Thanks Universe!” Opposed to: “I need this car. I need everything to run right!” Can you hear the difference in the feeling?

The Universe acts on your feelings and whatever images you have in your mind at that time. So if you have an image of a broken down car in your mind and you are feeling ‘need’, guess what will happen? If you have an image of a broken car fixed and feel trust and faith in the Law of Attraction, the Universe will respond with your want. It’s that simple.

Anytime you feel that you ‘need’ something, it is a ‘don’t want’ and will cause resistance. It’s like you are pushing against what you truly want. When you push against something, you are resisting what you want and the Universe will comply with your command and bring you resistance. If you don’t ‘need’ something and just want it and know you will have it, you are going with the flow. There is no pushing and the Universe will bring you what you want via the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction really is easy to comprehend. By seeing what you want, feeling what you want, and providing no resistance against your desires, you will have your desires. By ‘stewing’ and ‘needing’ a desire, you are setting yourself up to receive more to ‘stew about’ and ‘need’.

So what will you choose to do? Will you choose to push against your want or ‘go with the flow’ of your want?

If you are a practitioner of the Law of Attraction you know what is best for you in order to obtain what you desire. By knowing just a few little tricks about feelings and certain words, you will be ahead of the game in attaining those wants and desires.

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