The Key To Charisma

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The Key To Charisma

Some people seem to have a natural gift to command others’ attention. You all know the kind of people of whom I speak; people who seem to be able to walk into a room and immediately become the center of attention, and to light up the room. Such people seem to have some kind of mysterious quality that, try as we might, we just can’t put our finger on exactly what it is. Is it the way they present themselves? Body language? Mindset? Such people have to power to intrigue others; you are naturally interested and never quite know what they’re thinking. and when they talk, they do it in a way that captivates.

People like this possess one key trait, and that is Charisma. But just what is charisma, and how does one get it? A classical definition might read something like, a combination of a person’s looks, force of personality, magnetism, etc. Charisma has also been defined as the ability to lead. While people with charisma usually posses these traits, these traits aren’t charisma in and of themselves, they are just a byproduct of having it. So what is the real key to having charisma?

Well, the key to it is actually just the opposite of what you might think: it is not WANTING or TRYING to have charisma at all, and plain and simply, just being yourself. People with charisma always come off as more genuine, and that’s just because they’re not trying to act a certain way to fit in, they’re just being true to themselves at all times. And they could care less what anyone else thinks about them. There is really nothing you have to do other than have acceptance for who you are, and to never be afraid to be yourself. That is really the key to Charisma.

And of course, most people who have charisma, never think about how they WANT to have charisma. It never even crosses their mind, a need for charisma, because people like this who are so self-sure know that they already have it and don’t go around thinking about what they might be able to do to get it.

In the end, it all comes down to being true to yourself, following your gut instinct, and never compromising yourself for others. We all have flaws, but only by accepting and even embracing your flaws as a vital part of who you are, can you really become the full you. No one is perfect, we all have things about ourselves we like and don’t like. But if we know our strengths and weaknesses fully then we will naturally be able to be comfortable with all aspects of ourselves. There really is no right or wrong way to act, as long as you are yourself and do and think what you really want to at all times, then you will find yourself becoming much more happy, and more likely than not charismatic, along the way.

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