The Hidden Law Of Attraction

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The Hidden Law Of Attraction

What you perceive with your 5 senses are frequencies.

Everyone knows that your eyes merely distinguish between different colors. Everyone who has been attending any physics classes in high school knows that different colors are just light with different ‘wavelengths’ or ‘frequencies’.

The frequency of blue light is different than the frequency of red light. Your eyes pick up these frequencies and your brain decodes them into an image containing different colors of light. That’s how you see.

Likewise, different sounds have different frequencies. Your ears pick up the frequencies, and your brain decodes them into sounds. That’s how you hear.

Hungarian biophysicist and Nobel Prize winner Georg von Békésy demonstrated that your skin responds to frequencies as well, which are also decoded by your brain. That’s how your sense of touch works. But your eyes cannot see infrared and ultraviolet light. But still, everyone knows that infrared and ultraviolet light do exist.

Your ears cannot hear ‘ultrasound’. But still, everyone knows that ultrasound does exist. Dogs can hear it. It’s there.

It has been estimated by mainstream science that only 4% of the energy in the universe is visible to humans.

The rest is so-called ‘dark matter’ and ‘dark energy’. Look it up if you don’t believe it. It’s true. And that 4% is a very generous estimate, considering the fact that the number of frequencies possible is nothing less than infinite!

Are you beginning to see that there is much, much more to life than you can perceive with your five senses?

Are you beginning to realize that you may have been cutting yourself short by merely trusting your five senses?

And are you beginning to realize that you’re capable of achieving much more than you’ve held possible for long, if only you could somehow interact with that vast 96% of ‘invisible’ energy?

Well quite right you are.

You may not fully realize this yet, but you’re about to discover the master key to unlocking the door of your 5-sense prison, and unleashing the power that’s been hidden inside of you for a very long time!

There’s no such thing as ‘bad luck’, or ‘luck’ in general for that matter.

Maybe your life appears to be off track. Or perhaps you feel like you’re on a losing streak, and that ‘luck’ is always reserved for people other than yourself. If one or more of these apply to you, then there can only be 3 reasons for this:

You’re completely unaware of the Universal Laws at work behind the scenes in directing your life.

You’re unaware of one or more of these Universal Laws, and you focus on just one of them, while consciously or unconsciously ignoring the importance of others.

For example, many people focus merely on the Law of Attraction, while there are extremely important other principles to be taken into account if you want to make things work for you!

You’re working with one or more of these Universal Laws incorrectly.

Are you ready to unlock your 5-Sense prison door and start creating a life beyond anything you can imagine, starting right now?”

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