The Four Steps of The Secret

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The Four Steps of The Secret

Many people have heard, seen, or read about the secret and how it might apply to them. But many of these people have tried it, and say it simply doesn’t work for them. It’s all great in theory but not in practice. Well I can assure you that it does works, so rather than become frustrated, think about how exactly you are trying to utilize the law of attraction in your life, and how might you do it differently, or more effectively.

If a person wakes up believing they will have a bad day, he or she probably will have a bad day. It has little to do with their cognition or clairvoyance, and everything to do with their attitude. Someone who thinks and expects a bad day will be anticipating it. They will adapt their actions and thoughts in preparation for it to become true, which in turn actually creates the conditions necessary for it to become true. A person more dedicated to having a good day despite a bad beginning is more likely to reach the end of their day and fall asleep in good spirits.

By committing your thoughts to having a good day, the law of attraction will draw those results that you are looking for into your life. If you concentrate on bad things, you will attract bad things. The important thing to recognize then is how to train your thoughts to be positive whenever possible.

Here are four easy steps to applying the secret of law of attraction in your life.

1. Focus on exactly what you want to gain. Think of every detail you could want and remember them. Focus on them. Know every detail you would like to see. The more you understand what it is that you want, the easier it will be to recognize when an advantageous opportunity presents itself.

2. Ignore negative things that you don’t want. Note that this does not mean you should ignore your problems, rather it means to focus on solutions, and direct your intentions towards a solution instead of on the negative affects that are presenting themselves.

3. Imagine having it. If a new car is what you want, sit in a chair and pretend to grip the steering wheel. Close your eyes and visualize it. See the console, the pedals, the gear shift, everything. Pretend you’re driving it, what are you doing and where are you going?

4. Believe that it is in your life, so much so that not having it is preposterous, unimaginable. Even if you might not know when you’ll have it, it’s yours, and it’s coming your way. If you aren’t ready or willing to receive the opportunity when it presents itself, it will pass you by.

By implementing these four strategies into your life you can create the lifestyle you’ve only dreamed about until now. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Katherine is a mother of two gorgeous girls and lives on the beautiful South Coast of NSW, Australia. Katherine is also a businesswoman and devoted student of personal development. She is founder of Frontline Leadership and is a successful LifePath Unlimited Authorised Representative. Find out more at

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