The Best Yoga Dvds

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The Best Yoga Dvds

If you’re the type who’s into yoga already, or wants to include the fundamentals of yoga in your exercise program, then here’s one for you.  Yoga Booty Ballet is a fitness program that effectively combines kundalini yoga and hatha-inspired postures, with modern dance routines.  You may have viewed Yoga Booty Ballet on a number of television ads, this article however will give you a better overview of this amazing fitness program. 

Early beginnings of Yoga Booty Ballet

Yoga Booty Ballet was initially taught in Los Angeles, after it was designed by Teigh McDonough and Gillian Marloth in 1988.  A few years after, the program became truly popular, and teacher training programs all offered all over the United States.  Teigh McDonough by the way is a veteran fitness instructor, personal trainer and dance instructor for the past 15 years.  Gillian Marloth on the other hand, is a fitness professional who’s dedicated to the physical and mental aspects of wellness, through dance and movement.  Both professionals have also introduced their outlooks and philosophies into the Yoga Booty Ballet Program.  

What Yoga Booty Ballet exactly is

According to Gillian and Teigh, Yoga Booty Ballet is basically a full-body exercise program, which makes full use of the principles of yoga.  Here, methods such as meditation and yoga poses are incorporated with a modern dance portion, to promote balance and flexibility, cardiovascular strength, and weight loss.  This unique fitness program also features a ballet section, where strength and agility are also enhanced.  The program also promotes eating a well-balanced diet, to allow for long-term weight loss management.    

Do you need to have previous Yoga or dance experience?

With performing this innovative exercise program, you actually don’t need to have any previous yoga or dance experience.  What’s important is that as long as you enjoy dancing and have a passion for moving your body, you can easily perform these innovative exercises.  The three main parts of the fitness program includes Rehearsal and Guided Meditation, Total Toning Basics, and advanced Fat Burning.  The rehearsal and guided meditation section teaches you how to do basic yoga postures and dance moves, in conjunction with performing simple meditation.  The Total Toning basics section will teach you a 45-minute full-body workout that blends modern dance, ballet, abdominal exercises, strength training and yoga.  The Advanced Fat Burning section will guide you towards performing advanced moves for continuing your workout after learning the basics.   

Among the yoga elements that are incorporated into the movements includes the Child Pose, Downward Facing Dog, Cobra Yoga Pose and the Sun Salutation.  These movements are well-known for promoting balance, stamina and strength.  The ballet dance routines are also proven to improve flexibility and balance.  The modern dance moves also help to improve strength and balance as well.  However, like performing most exercise routines, remember to first consult with your physician before starting any fitness or diet programs.  Correctly-done exercise programs should help to enhance your self-esteem and keep you fit and healthy everyday.

Take a look at the amazing results people are getting with Yoga booty ballet today.

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