The Art of Personal Development – Removing the Inner Critic

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The Art of Personal Development – Removing the Inner Critic

I’m sure you are aware that you talk to yourself constantly throughout the day. You inner voice is continually giving you feedback about situations, people, circumstances and relationships. Many times this inner voice can be a great friend cheering us on and helping us sort out problems. However, all of us, regardless of how positive we are or how much we believe in ourselves and our abilities, are at some time haunted by that voice when it whines and criticizes us. When this small voice becomes our inner critic it instils fear and self-doubt while it causes internal havoc, procrastination and failure.

It is a truth that you and I listen to our own internal voice every minute of every day. Sometimes it is positive but most of the time it is extremely negative and reminds us of our problems, past failures and limitations. What if you could teach that inner voice to be your greatest ally and biggest fan? How do you think your thoughts, your actions and your life would be different?

The first thing to understand is that this inner voice is in no way your enemy. No matter how critical or judgemental and negative your inner talk is your inner voice is your best friend. It is trying to protect you. The very fact that this inner critic is a positive aspect of your mental processes and is designed to help protect you from uncomfortable situations is the reason why it’s so easy to transform it into your greatest fan! It wants to help!

How you use your inner voice and the way you speak to yourself internally is just a learned habit. You have done this so many times that it has become an automatic process. Now this is not as frightening or disheartening as it may first appear because if you have learned to do something in a certain way then you can learn to do it in a different way.

Now trying to force this voice to become more positive is self-defeating and needs a lot of energy. There are much more effective ways to create positive inner dialogue.

There is one simple technique that involves a rubber band. The band is placed around your wrist and snapped against your skin everytime you catch yourself in a critical or negative thought. This stings just a little but after awhile your subconscious mind relates negative, critical thinking with pain. After you snap the band immediately think the opposite positive thought. You can also stroke your wrist gently where the rubber band snapped against your skin. Pratcise this simple technique for seven days straight and you will reprogram your subconscious mind to be more positive and silence your negative critical voice once and for all.

You can also try another way. Become aware of the way in which your inner critic talks to you. Listen to the tone and identify where in your head it is speaking from. The inner critic can be found usually in the center of your head but can you tell if it is more left than right or higher up or lower down? Is it close or far away? When you identify where this voice is originating from and how it is speaking to you, you can start to play with it.

With some simple techniques you can start now to interupt the pattern of this inner critic in a way that is not only very rewarding and life changing but also a great deal of fun. Repeat what your inner critical voice just said to you but give it a funny squeaky high-pitched voice. Move it to a different are of your head. Speed it up or slow it down. Make it louder and then softer. Make it speak in a backwards manner. Change its tone so that it is almost singing. Doing this in a way that you find funny will teach your subconscious mind that you do not take this criticism and negatively seriously. After a short while this inner critical voice will start to fade and you will find that your internal dialogue becomes much more positive and uplifting.

Your personal development is in your own hands. You inner voice can be your greatest motivator or your worst critic. Which one you want it to be is your choice!

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